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Starting a Budget Book

Well, after some pretty bad and possibly upsetting news bout my tax refund (Not a dollar to my name, simply because I’m in default on my student loans), I kinda moped round sadly for a bit, cause I need the money for my savings, but oh well… *Sighs* Sad smile

After hearing bout how much my Mum got back from her tax refund (It’s def not much, I can give you guys that.), I realized that I need to start saving up money asap, or otherwise… my financial life will not be a great life.

So what I have done is I searched for a budget book and a debt reduction app, and here’s what I found:

001002003Say hello to the Colorful Budget. This app is the perfect budget book for me and for others. I had to block out the income, balance, and expenses for safety and personal reasons.

004In this colorful budget, you can basically do everything just like a regular budget book.

009You can actually choose a category and personalize it, so it can be easier to separate each category.

I highly recommend this app, if you have trouble with making a budget book, or if you are starting a budget book for the very first time.



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