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Strong Candidate for the Nursing Program

Well, Tuesday… what can I say bout Tuesday? I had an unexpected surprise that day.. and some surprising news as well.

First off, I went to Prairie State College to check out their nursing program, and of course things went out smoothly. I thought I had a chance to join the program, but come to find out (And these are the reasons as to why I didn’t even join the nursing program there):

1. You have to have a CNA license in order to even JOIN the nursing program (And that’s with most nursing programs at any college and university)
2. You have to had all of the prerequisites completed, and oh boy… there were a lot of em!
3. Whatever college or high school you are going to graduate or have graduated from, you gotta have transcripts for em.
4. You even gotta register at the school (Pre-admissions test and everything!) and have your classes registered as well..

Oh, and did I mention that it has to be by a certain date? Yes, the deadline to even get all of those done is Feb 1st, 2014. Now, if it was mid-late 2013, then I would’ve gotten all of those done by that time, but since Feb 1st is in a few weeks, there was no way POSSIBLE that I would’ve gotten all of those done in time!! No way… no way. Especially since I had to find out what day I could take the CNA test.. no way possible.

So I ended up going to South Suburban College (Which was the first place that I should’ve gone to, but I wanted to check out PSC first to see what they had to say), and come to find out, I had to wait for a good 1 1/2 hrs to even be called on.. although I did see an old classmate of mine and my sis as well. When I was finally called on, I got to speak with an advisor, and here’s what she told me:

“You got to have all of the prerequisites completed in order to be considered to the nursing program here. The applications won’t be available in a few weeks”.

“That was the main reason as to why I came to SSC, was to fill out an application for the nursing program! Well that ends that, but wait.. what prerequisites is she talking bout”? I wondered. She told me all of the prerequisites that I needed to take in order to be even considered to the nursing program:

•Successful completion of Math 097 or higher with the minimum grade of C or higher (I got all the way to Math 169, which I flunked, cause I suck at precalc, but then again.., precalc is hard as is, so no wonder. Anyway, that prerequisite is done, so that was a plus).
•Successful completion of the following classes with a B or higher:
          •English 101 (Which I got an A on)
          •Psychology 101 (A as well)
          •Medical Terminology 103
          •Biology 185

Now, I didn’t even take Medical terminology 103, cause when I first went to SSC for my Associate’s degree in business, that wasn’t one of the requirements.. and at that time, I didn’t even think bout a nursing  degree til my family mentioned it last year. As far as biology is considered, I only had to take Biology 103 (Environmental biology), but not Biology 185 (Human anatomy and physiology).

So now I have to take those two classes in order to be considered in the nursing program… and take the CNA as well. Thankfully for me, SSC has a CNA testing are in which I can get in for a fee. The advisor recommended that I take that and get my CNA license, as well as take that medical terminology class this summer. That’s what I’m gonna do this summer, so wish me luck!

Next month, I’m gonna study for the CNA test as well, so I can get ahead of the game. Oh, and I’m gonna try to take Biology 185 as well this summer.. if not, then I’ll take it in the fall. I know that class is very hard, but I’ll pass it with a B.. I’m gonna try to go for an A though…

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