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Moving to a New City and/or State

Next year will be the biggest changer of my life. I might be moving to Atlanta, Georgia with my boyfriend (Erik). As far as doing my research, I don’t even trust that city as far as I can throw it. I don’t even wanna move to the South. Erik has some of his family members living in the south, and most of my best friends (Even my old middle school buddy is living in Atlanta with her family and friends. Also, one of my high school friends and her boyfriend just move to Texas, simply cause her boyfriend is in the Air Force, and he’s stationed there) have relatives living in the South. The only reason why Erik wants to move to Atlanta, is only cause he wants to work at Cartoon Network, which is located in that area. The problem for me is this: As much as I love to travel, I don’t wanna move to the South, cause of the high unemployment rate, as well as the high crime rates down there, including in Georgia, Florida, and anywhere else where those two things go hand in hand.

Now, I know what you all are thinking: “Illinois has a high crime rate, and somewhat of a high unemployment rate as well. Plus, you said you wanted to move to Chicago as well. You can’t let your boyfriend force you to move to the South with him, just cause he wants a job there”! Well, I do agree that Chicago is getting worse and worse by the day.. it’s beginning to look like Detroit, I know, but there are some suburbs that I wanna move to, like Naperville. Besides, I said that I wanted to move to downtown Chicago, but if it’s gonna get worse by the time I move out, then I might have to move to the South for now.

I’m stuck on a huge decision. Besides, I still wanna live in Illinois for now, until I have the money to move into a new house somewhere… in a safe place, but until Chicago…, or should I say Illinois gets better, as far as crime rates (Lower crime rates and high employment rates), then I’m not gonna move there. Besides, I might be moving to a new city this summer.. I’m not sure yet. I just hope that my Mum and I don’t move to the projects.

For now, I’ll just have a talk with Erik, and see what he wants to do… and my Mum as well, cause whether or not I move to the South or not… remains a mystery til next year.

So, it’s up to you readers: Do you think that Atlanta is a good place to live, and if so, where are some good counties to live at? Basically, I’m really afraid to move to another state.. and city that I’m not familiar with. 😦


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2 thoughts on “Moving to a New City and/or State

  1. Good morning! I ran across this while following the Georgia tag on WordPress. I just wanted to say, as a native Atlantan who’s lived four decades in this great state, that you don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve been here for a bit. The traffic stinks, but the food and the people are terrific. Georgia’s a great place, and I’m sure that you and Erik will love it here. Come on down for a visit and see how you like it before you dismiss the idea outright.

    1. Good evening to you! Well, Erik and I will still move to Georgia either way it goes, cause he wants to work at Cartoon Network, which is located in Atlanta. However, I do know a few friends who have or used to live in Georgia, and they love it there. So hopefully this summer or next summer, I’ll take a trip to Georgia.

      Only reason why I said that I didn’t wanna move to the south, was cause I heard of high crime rates and high unemployment.

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