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Becoming More Focused in My Studies and Math

I just ordered a Business writers book and a Precalc book. Somehow, when my Mum was looking on my computer to see what I was doing, she noticed that I was looking at math books. I told her that I’m looking at books for general use. Then she asked me should I wait til I go back to school to buy books. I told her that it’s not for school. It’s for general purposes. The next question that she asked was when I was going back to school. I told her next year, and that the nursing program (Yes, I’m gonna go in the nursing program for now until I have enough money to finish my bachelor’s degree in Finance) starts in August. I told her my plan, and somehow she accepted it. She hugged me, kissed me goodnight, and told me that she loves me, and she just went straight to bed.

I don’t know what made me smile the most: The fact that I’m going back to school next year, the fact that I’m gonna be focusing more on my studies towards Business and Nursing, or the fact that I’m gonna resume being the math nerd that I used to be back when I was a kid, by refreshing my brain on math problems that I need once I go back to school.

All I know is that God is finally answering my prayers. He has seen me struggle for so long, and now, He’s finally answering my prayers. 2014 is def gonna be my year to shine.

I need to become stronger in math now, because I was once a nerd in math. Math was one of my strongest subjects, next to writing and different languages, such as Spanish. I used to love math, but after I failed Precalc, (and I somehow passed math 115, which I forgot what it was), I started to hate math. That was two-three years ago. Now, I need to pick up where I left off, which is Precalc. I need to become stronger in math, now more than ever. I’m not gonna push myself into it, but I will become more focused in it more than ever, as well as my studies. I’m gonna love math again.. just watch.

Once again, watch me shine in 2014. I’m gonna be better than ever.. physically, mentally, and emotionally.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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