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Thanksgiving/Black Friday Madness

Well, I just got home from spending time with the babe. We ended up going to the theatres, getting some dinner, and going to Guitar Center. We never been to Guitar Center before, but it was so awesome. Can’t wait to go there again!!

Anyway, last night I had to work. At first, it went good.., but it kinda pissed me off, cause I had to work with my former supervisor… who I couldn’t stand. Also, I had to work with my Mum as well, who was kinda giving me a hard time, but in the end, she was actually proud of me for my performance in Jewelry.. for someone who has never been up there for the entire day before. As the hours went by, they went from busy to freakin boring and tedious!! I almost started to get sleepy from not having too much work!! Thankfully for me, I survived.. the technical 10 hr shift while staying awake for 12 hrs. –_-

Thankfully for me, I brought two shoes and some pajama pants for Erik.. as a Christmas present.

008So this was me and two of my coworkers in our Santa and Elf hats, lol. Yea, we were very festive last night/early this morning.

009This was my actual outfit. People told me that I actually pulled it off quite nicely. 🙂 I’m surprised that I actually did so, myself.

010I actually spend Thanksgiving with my coworkers.. and with the new people as well.. as well as the people whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I even saw my former coworkers who used to work here (but went someplace else).

So yea… this yr’s Thanksgiving wasn’t too bad, but it still sucked, cause I had to work. Black Friday was good. Next yr, I’m gonna save up so I can go mega-Black-Friday-shopping.



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