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Favoritism in the Workplace

I cannot keep these emotions in anymore. My job has gone downhill.. Into the pits of the Devil’s lair. Just when things started to get good, it just got worse. They’re actually playing favoritism there… I knew that was was going on, but it has gotten worse.. Much worse.

I found out that my new boss is giving some people hours, and others little to no hours.. Why? Cause he’s watching everyone to see if they are doing their jobs right. If you do the job right, you get more hours. If you don’t, then you get even less hours, and possibly getting fired. Yes, you heard me right, FIRED!

Apparently, I was given less hours along with others, cause simply, I’m not doing my job right. This is total BS.

Yesterday, my boss asked me to go into work, and so I went in.. Thinking that I’ll be at POS the whole four hours. It turns out.. That wasn’t the case. Yes, I did work at POS, but it was from time to time. I mainly worked on fitting rooms. Yes, FITTING ROOMS!!! Mainly, the reason why I was at fitting rooms most of the time, was cause there were nobody, and I mean NOBODY was at MJM at the time, until 6:30. So yes, I had to work on 3 depts, plus POS for 2 hrs. Luckly for me, the fitting rooms were done, but I had to continue do fitting rooms til 6:30. Thank goodness!!

After I got out, I went to get some dinner with Mum, then I went home, ate, then passed out afterwards.

So yea.. That’s what happened yesterday. I’m off next Saturday, and on my birthday, so… Next week, I’m gonna figure out what I’m gonna do for my birthday party, and go on from there.



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