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Birthday Coming Closer

Well, in less than 9 days, I’ll be 24. Being 23 was bad.. really bad. I was depressed most throughout that time, but I did had the some good days. November is, somehow, the most luckiest month of my life so far. I was honored the Employee of the month,  and soon, I’m gonna have a wild birthday party. Hopefully I’ll have some better days ahead when I turn 24.. hopefully.

Well, I def can’t wait to see my bff Melba again! We’re gonna do a duet on my birthday party, I am so excited!!! 😀 next Tuesday, we’re gonna figure out what song we’re gonna sing for karaoke!!

I gotta go for now, but in the meantime, I’m gonna get ready for my party! 2 weeks away!! Parrtyy!!!



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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