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Too Early For Christmas Music!

Last night I was suppose to post photos of my costume, but I posted it on my photography blog, so go check it out when you’re done reading this post.

So, last night I worked… and you’ll never guess what happened there: They started playing Christmas music at my job! In fact, they started playing Christmas music in the malls, retail stores… virtually every freakin store!! My coworkers were talking bout it A LOT. It was kinda funny, cause the customers were even talking bout it! One customer that I was helping told me her response on hearing Christmas music during the start of November: “It’s like Christmas in Arizona– it doesn’t work!” That was funny, I gotta admit.

Oh, speaking of November, we ARE in November, which means that in 17 days, I’ll be 24! To be honest, I’m not ready to turn 24.. not ready yet. Why? I’m just not, okay??

So ya… I’m not ready to turn 24, I’m def not ready for Christmas music to play just yet! Please… just wait til Black Friday to play Christmas music! Please?? Thanks a lot!

Signed, a retail employee who doesn’t wanna celebrate the Holiday season until Thanksgiving



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2 thoughts on “Too Early For Christmas Music!

  1. Way to early for Christmas music. Last year they played Christmas music after Thanksgiving at my job. Oh I work 12 hour shifts and the banned smoking the first of the year. Between the Christmas music, the antcipation of not being able to smoke, and the long 12 hours drove me and everyone else nuts. So I had my doctor send a letter and they stopped the music. I was going to call my lawyer for conflict of religion but didn’t get that far.

    1. I agree, way too early.

      Not smoking at the job doesn’t drive me crazy, cause I don’t smoke, but I fully understand where you’re coming from. Believe me, if I had to work for 12 hrs at my job (And working at a retail store that’s already driving me nuts as is), it will drive me insane.

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