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Visions of Deaths All Around Me

This weekend has been so hard on me. Tears of sadness and depression have fallen through. I won’t get into much of the details, since some of it is personal (Such as my boyfriend hurting my heart Saturday. It’s so long to talk bout it, and it’s too personal. All I can say is that we’re still together and I have forgiven him). Sunday, I was still recovering from what happened on Saturday. I was still upset, and I kept on having visions of my boyfriend passing away. Suddenly, before I left work, I heard a song that reminds me of my grandmother on my father’s side. It made me even more upset, cause on October 14th, 2010, my Mum and I received the worst news yet: My grandmother on my father’s side passed away. It broke my heart, cause I saw her a few months ago for the first time in years. To think that it would be the final time I would see her… yea, it really broke my heart.

I couldn’t attend the funeral, cause it was on the same day as my Mum’s birthday, and they don’t wanna, or couldn’t be bothered to see her one last time. It broke my heart even more, cause of that. From that day on, I vowed that if one of my family members passed away on my Mum’s side, I won’t attend the funeral, cause of what my Mum did to me 3 yrs ago. Yea, I’m that revengeful. Just like what she did 3 yrs ago when I couldn’t attend my grandma’s funeral, I’m gonna give her a choice: Either she apologizes to me for not attending the funeral in 2010, or I’m not going to the funeral. We’ll see how she likes it.

I know I’m being very mean, but I take these things seriously. Whether I haven’t seen my family on my father’s side for a long time or for a while, family or not, if one of em prevent me from going to pay my respects for a family member, then I’m gonna get revenge from em, tenfold.

Well, that’s my rant on what happened 3 yrs ago. Back to the present. Monday was the 3rd yr anniversary of my grandma’s death, and yea it still left a mark on me, even to this day. I even have her bracelet that she gave me 3 yrs ago. I’ll show a photo of it on my photography blog soon.

Today I received a phone call from my best friend Ari about her boyfriend’s grandmother: She passed away on the same day that my grandmother died 3 yrs ago. Of course, that caused more sadness, cause both my grandma and my brother’s grandma both died on the same day, just 3 yrs apart. I feel so sorry for him.

Here’s the ironic twist: Remember earlier when I said bout how I had a vision of Erik passing away? Well, it actually came true, but it wasn’t him, it was my brother’s grandmother. Yea, my psychic visions actually came true again… it’s really scary, but it came true. 😦

I hope I never get another vision or prediction of someone dying again. I can’t take much longer of this. I really can’t.



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