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Another Depression Episode

Well, two days ago, my coworker and my Mum were talking bout what else? Non other than scholarships and schools for me. Well, my Mum finally got the message bout what I’ve been telling her bout getting the loan: In order for me to get the money, I would have to take 6 credit hours, not three. I’ve been telling her since January!!! It took her all this time, and for someone else to tell her, to realize it!! *Face palm*

Anyway, yesterday was a gloomy day as far as the weather, but to me, it was a crappy day. Originally, I would’ve have to work at 7:30 at night, but guess what? My job wanted me to work at the same time that my Mum wanted to work: 4. This freakin made me mad, cause I wanted my original time, but… nope. My Mum was happy, cause then we wouldn’t waste that much gas going back and forth, but that caused me to have another depression episode. Yep, it’s the little things like that that makes me pissed off… a whole lot. It turns out that the person who was suppose to be working that day had to leave early due to a death in a family. That part I understand, but still… for me to go to work the same time as my Mum… yea, it pissed me off so much, that it caused me to have a depression episode! That’s how deep it was!

The good news is that my coworker is gonna help me find scholarships, and last night I got out on time. The bad news.. I’m prone to suffer another depression episode at anytime. I’m not gonna get help for it, cause singing helps the depression go away.

Well, today I’m going on a dinner date with my baby, so this should be fun. On another note… someone’s moving out near me. I wonder who? Natural curiosity rises more and more. I better go see…

*Two minutes later*

No clue. All I know is that someone’s moving out. Oh well, none of my business anyway.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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