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9/20: The Aftermath

Last night I didn’t get home til bout 11:50 p.m. I ended up spending bout 2 hrs on fb talking to my brother (My best friend who’s like a brother to me). At bout 2 in the morning, I went to sleep.

I woke up bout 9, and as usual, I went to see how my Mum was doing. After that, went on fb, check my notifications, and then got a bad headache. I took advil and had an ice pack on my right eye. It went away soon after.

Now… last night, everyone was their usual, chipper selves, including the supervisors who closed last night. I asked a few people bout their reactions to the former boss leaving, and two of em said that they were sad. They were also not happy with it too. Even one of em told me that she the new manager’s name is Mitch. So, there is a new evidence bout the new boss.

Name: Mitch

Kohl’s store location he’s coming from: Highland, IN

Three people know him, so it’s hard to tell if he’s a nice manager or not.. cause they won’t say.

The only thing that nobody knows is when he’s coming. They say next Monday, but he might come sometime next week. What day though is beyond everyone else.

Hopefully, he’s nice, but like the questions that I posted on my last post, only a few of em have been answered. The rest I won’t know til he comes… or until I hear from some of my coworkers.

Tonight I gotta work again, but whoever’s closing.. hopefully I hear his/her reaction to the new boss coming.


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