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Curiosity Rises By the Day

You know the old saying (…and if you don’t, then here it is): Curiosity killed the cat. Well, as Monday gets closer, my curiosity rises. Tonight and tomorrow night, I have to work, and the days that will follow will not only bring my curiosity up to the max by the weekend, but tension will also rise at my job.. as well as curiosity. If anyone hasn’t heard the news that our former boss got transferred to another store, then ohh boy, are they gonna get the surprise of his/her life!
Yesterday, I hung out with the love of my life, and messaged a few of my coworkers on Facebook. One of em even asked me if I heard bout the news bout former boss. Wow, he read my mind. I was bout to ask him the same thing! Anyway, hopefully tonight I’m gonna see what’s been going on with this job, and see what others think of this unexpected news.
As far as curiosity goes, my thoughts raced through my mind this morning:

“If there is no news of the new boss’ name, then is it a male or a female?”

“Since he/she will be coming from the Kohl’s store in Highland, IN, are or will he/she get accustomed to the rules and changes at our store”

“Is he/she gonna be nice, or evil?”

“When I get to know the new boss, will he/she train me to be at areas that are off the floor, i.e., customer service, POS, ect.?”

That question there made me mad, sad, and curious, cause what if the new boss tells me to still work on the floor? If that was the case, then that’s what I’ll be feeling.

Well, all of the questions will be answered next week. Here’s anther question that most everyone will be asking:

“Will the new boss give me more hours?”

That question will be answered within the next few weeks.



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