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Biggest Shock of the Week

Data log entry… I’m not sure. Date: September 19, 2013 Time: 9:34 a.m. I just got the biggest shock of my work life.. one of future many, though: My old boss just got transferred to another store. This morning, I was on Facebook, and I got a comment from one of my coworkers: “How do you feel about John leaving? I feel great about it, lol!” My response: “What?! He’s leaving?! Is this a joke?!” Coworker: “He left Sunday, but we were told on Monday.” Me: “Wow!!” It turns out, he got transferred to another store, 45 minutes from where I live. So now, the store is getting a new boss from the Highland store. I told my Mum bout it, and at first, she had another case of short-term memory loss, but that could be from when she woke up some minutes ago.. but, when I finally snapped her out of delirium, all she could say is oh my god. All I could say is wow. So now, the store has taken a whole new turn. I, too am shocked beyond belief, and now I can’t wait til next week. My Mum goes back to work next Monday, so now I’m more than curious as to what’s gonna happen next week. I can’t officially say that I still want to quit this job, but if, during the next 6 months, things take a turn for the worse…, Then ya, consider me no longer being a part of the Kohl’s team.



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