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The Possibility of Moving Out

Two days ago, my Mum was talking to me bout how much she wanted to move out to another place. She asked me what should she do (Since she told her sis, and her sis told her to put her faith in God and let Him guide her), and what was my answer? Find a second job! I’ve been watching The Suze Orman Show for too long, but she’s right though. My Mum told me that she would, but its hard to find a job now and days.. or I could get a second job!

*Face palm*

That’s what I’ve been trying to do all this freakin time!!! I’m trying to find a full time job, but how can I do so when I don’t have my own car?? I almost scolded her, but I kept my cool, knowing that she’s suffering through a lot as well. She ended the conversation with the fact that we have til July of next year to make a decision, so starting next yr, we’re gonna be looking.

Last night, I told Erik bout the possibility of moving out next summer, and he asked me when. I told him that we got til next summer to find a place or renew her (Mum’s) lease. I also told him that if she does decide to move, then I’m hoping that we move close or near him. He told me that he hopes so, cause he’ll get to see me more often, but what we both don’t want is my Mum moving somewhere far away (For example: Joliet) where we can’t see each other at all. That’s gonna break the relationship for sure. Also, if we move far away, then I’ll have to find another school, which will add even more stress to me.. plus, it’ll dearly break my heart.

So one of three things must happen:
1. Mum renews the lease for at least one more yr
2. Move to another complex within the same apt complex
3. Move to either one of many locations (That’ll be close to the job, school, and Erik): Markham, Country Club Hills, Oak Forest, Alsip, or Tinley Park.

Again, it’s way too early to say if we are gonna move or not, but once June-July comes, then the final decision will be made. However: If Erik and I find high paying jobs, then if the possibility of moving far away from each other does come true, then we both can get an apt together.. or if Mum finds an apt that is bout $300-400 per month rent, then Erik can move in there.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something good goes my way.. and my Mum’s as well, but mainly my way.



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2 thoughts on “The Possibility of Moving Out

    1. That’s true. I’ve been looking since last yr, so I basically know where I wanna move to, but as far my Mum goes, she’s gonna start looking next yr, as her main focus is to go back to work.

      Thanks a whole lot for your support! xo

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