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Getting Sick Again

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.. also yesterday, also. Guess what? This morning, I was stretching, and my left calf started cramping up. I stood on it, and it got better, but that wasn’t the end of that mess. A few minutes later, the right side of my jaw started hurting! I assumed that I was suffering from a heart attack, but it stopped after several minutes.

Then, my left side of my side started to hurt as well. That’s great.. the muscle cramp that I was suffering traveled to my lower right jaw, and now it ended on my left side. I tried to put an ice pack, but that didn’t help. I even tried laying on my side where it was hurting… that didn’t help! Thankfully the pain is mild. I’m prob gonna take some aspirin as soon as I eat, see if that helps. Stretching didn’t work either.. I tried it. *Sighs* and to make things worse, I’m starting to get a cold.. and that woman’s monthly is coming in a few days as well. Man, my body has to endure all of these changes, eh? It’s sad.

I’m gonna try to sleep this pain off. That’s another reason why my side is hurting.. lack of sleep.



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2 thoughts on “Getting Sick Again

  1. Cramping can be dehydration and a lack of calcium circulating in your blood. One very quick way to relieve a cramp is to run a blow dryer on it being careful not to burn yourself of course. And never do it while you’re in bed.

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