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Kid Rock, ZZ Top, and Uncle Kracker: Best Night Ever

Last night my boyfriend and I went to go see Kid Rock, ZZ Top, and Uncle Kracker. It was so awesome!!

025..but first, I went to Erik’s house, and guess who I saw? My future sis in law Amber and my future nephew Joshua. He was too adorable. He started talking too!

029Once Erik and I got to the concert, we were gonna go in, but security told us to go back in the car cause there was a storm coming.. and what do ya know? It started storming bad. Thankfully it stopped, but it kept lighting and raining, even when the concert was going on, but that didn’t stop all of us from going and having a great time.

030After the storm stopped, we all decided to go in.

031Where the concert was gonna be at

035036Over 27,000 people came. What a crowd!

033Me and my babe, having a great time!

038Sadly, Uncle Kracker didn’t get a chance to play, due to the storm, but ZZ Top and Kid Rock performed.

046ZZ Top


051I went wild when they were playing La Grange.

05915 min break, but hey, we got to see Kid Rock on a commercial.

067Whose shadow was that?

072It was none other than Kid Rock!!

079When Kid Rock was singing Drift Away, guess who came to sing it with him? None other than Uncle Kracker!! Everyone went wild when they saw em!!

088It was a blast seeing Kid Rock performing!

086Him performing Born Free. :O

091After that was over, everyone started to go their separate ways, feeling awesome and excited. Long live rock and country!



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