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Sasha With Makeup? No.

Yep, this is weeeiirrddd……………………  For some odd reason, I have the sudden urge to wear makeup now!! What the f**k is happening to me?! Here’s how it went down:

While I was at work some hours ago, I saw makeup kits that were marked down to $4-$15!! I’m the type of person who would rarely wear makeup.. except for special events. When I do wear makeup, I usually wear eye shadow and ONLY eye shadow.

Blush? Not really, unless I feel like it. Then again, one can’t even see that I have blush on, so to the devil’s lair with that!

Mascara? Not a f**kin chance!! I was NEVER a fan of mascara, and never will. I only wore it once, but it was only during my very first job interview, and I was forced to wear it! Never again. Never. F**kin. Again.

Lip gloss? Haven’t wore it since… high school. I rarely wear lip gloss now, since I always end up eating just mins or hours after I put it on anyway.

Lip stick? Oh ho ho, I haven’t wore it since middle school!! I did wear lip gloss too, but I was more into lip stick than lip gloss. Still, same rules apply for lip stick.

Lip liner? Once again, was never a fan of it, and never wore it since my very first job interview. Once again, never again.

So anyway, I’m gonna try to wear makeup again (If I still have the sudden urge to wear it in two weeks when I buy the makeup kit), but still.. wtf?! I was never a fan of makeup, but for some reason, I want to wear it for the first time in over what, a few years? Ehh….

One day, you’ll see a photo of me with makeup on, and all of you readers can tell me whether or not I look good with it on. I still think that I look better naturally.. without makeup, but still… me with makeup on? Not a chance.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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