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Performance Review My Arse!

This weekend has been busy.. Sunday, especially. We have a new supervisor (Who came from the Highland Kohl’s store. We’re taking more and more people from there, dam!), and she’s nice! My supervisor told us that our performance review was up, and of course, my stomach was in knots. I always hated performance reviews, and I still do. With a performance review, you never know what will happen. Depending on what job you have, you could get fired. Your pay rate could go down (It does happened. It happened to one of my former coworkers a long time ago), or in most cases, you could end up with a supervisor that you don’t like (Or a really mean supervisor that don’t care what type of review you got).

Thankfully for me, I got a good supervisor (Surprisingly, I ended up with a supervisor that I like, but everyone else hates) for the 4th time in a row. She told me that my performance was good, it met expectations (Which has been like this for almost 4 years straight, but I’m not sure who got something higher than that… other than my Mum, of course), and my pay rate increased by 27% (That was the main thing that I was worried bout, cause two years ago, one of my former coworkers got her pay rate cut, and she decided to transfer to another Kohl’s store). All in all, my performance review was excellent, as always. Others though… wasn’t so lucky.

I didn’t ask my other two coworkers how was their review went, cause I was running out of time in zoning the departments.

Earlier today, I was so bored, that I was bout to fall asleep…, until Erik called me and cured me of my boredom. 🙂 While I was talking to him, I got a phone call from my Mum. She told me to listen closely, that she wanted to talk to me bout something. At first I got a bit nervous, cause yesterday I posted a “porn” website (If you can even call it that. The website is call LOL Shock. It’s mainly just videos of people doing gross and sick things (And it’s the number one website to do a video reaction to) and whatnot, but if you call it a porn site, then so be it) to my friends. Basically, I wanted to do a video reaction with a few of my friends, and I was gonna use that website to make the reaction video with. Thankfully I took it down before anyone else saw it.. preferably my coworkers. Thankfully it wasn’t that. It actually was bout my coworker quitting the job, cause she was basically tired of being treated like s**t, and that “she has done nothing at the job”. So basically, she’s gonna quit.

That’s a major lowblow to the job, cause now, the boss has to find someone to replace her spot as jewerly manager until my Mum goes back to work (Which will probably be in another two-three months, depending on how well her other hip does after the surgery ends (Which will be this Thursday, by the way), and also he has to find a supervisor for the Intimate’s/Accessories department very soon. More than likely, he’s gonna pick me to be the supervisor of those departments anyway.

Which kinda sucks, but is kinda cool at the same time, I guess. *Shrugs* so, we’re gonna see what’s gonna happen in the next few weeks, cause I can tell that everyone’s gonna be shocked at this news. Oh right, speaking of which, as soon as I was getting dinner, Mum told me that almost everyone who got their performance review was pissed off.. VERY pissed off. I wasn’t sure if it was cause of the supervisor who did the review or was it cause of some negative comments they’ve receive from the review or supervisor. All I can say is..  performance review my arse! I hate em, and almost everyone else hates em as well!

I can’t wait til Friday. No, I don’t work on that day, and thank goodness I don’t cause Friday-Sunday is the Illinois Tax Relief Shopping Days, and I’m gonna be the one who’s gonna be shopping (Along with Erik, of course) on Friday, cause that’s where the huge sale starts!! 😀

Anyway, I’m gonna practice some songs on GH3 now.



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