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Dance My Way Out of Depression

Well, I got good news: My depression is getting better, and it’s bout to be gone soon. Today, my package arrived! I brought a book (How to Read a Financial Report) and a game (Michael Jackson: The Experience). I played the game before, so I was excited to FINALLY get my hands on it!! When I played it, I got an instant rush out of it. It was so awesome to finally have this game! About five minutes into the game, I started sweating. Boy, this game will make you sweat, cause not only are you dancing, but you are exercising as well! Believe me, if you like dance games, then I highly recommend Michael Jackson: The Experience!

One song (Thriller) I ended up getting five stars (There were two levels: Inhuman and hard mode) on being the backup dancer!! It was my first time playing it too!! XD 😀 I was too excited and happy to get 5 stars on it! Tomorrow, I’m gonna try inhuman mode!

I’m gonna play (Exercise) again tomorrow afternoon. My arms are getting a bit more toned. My legs are a bit sore, but they’re getting better, and I’m suddenly feeling  a lot better!

I’m just gonna relax for the night. Thursday and Friday I gotta work, so I probably won’t be exercising  on those days.

I love dancing!



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2 thoughts on “Dance My Way Out of Depression

    1. Thanks so much! Yes I’m glad as well. There are times where my depression comes back, but it ends within a day or two.


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