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Taste of Chicago 2013

A few days ago, I went to the Taste of Chicago with Erik. It was loads of fun! I ended up taking over 100 photos of the event (and Chicago too, since we ended doing some sightseeing and traveling round downtown. I’ll post the photos on the next blog post, along with another update regarding what’s going on in two weeks.

100_1206They did have tons of police there, and security there too.

100_1207I heard of this radio station before, but I never knew what the name of the radio station was called.


100_1209The place was crowded, as always.

100_1210I ended up taking photos of the buildings in Chicago as well.

100_1211We were near the Buckingham Fountain as well.

100_1212Me with my French outfit on (It was bout 95% complete. It was too hot to wear a hat and scarf, and walking in flats would’ve hurt my feet. I learned that lesson the hard way).

100_1213People always get their pictures taken by the Buckingham Fountain.

100_1214Even Erik wanted his picture taken too!

100_1216The sun was in our eyes…

100_1219 100_1220They have wine and beer here.


100_1222One of the main reason as to why I wanted to go to the Taste of Chicago was to get the famous funnel cake!! I would’ve gotten ice cream on it,  but that alone costs bout 16 tickets! To get the funnel cake itself costs bout 10 tickets! It was a lot, but it was worth it.

100_1223I never seen anything like this before. You can actually wash your hands here, but in order to get the water, there is a pump at the bottom that you can use to get the water out. When I first tried it, I didn’t know how to get the water out til Erik told me. Man, I felt stupid afterwards. 😦

100_1224Hand sanitizer here

100_1225A little garden maze

100_1227Once we exit out of the Taste of Chicago, we decided to go sit by the lakefront, where everyone was headed.. well, almost everyone.

100_1228You can see Navy Pier from here.

100_1229It’s a really relaxing spot to do.. sit by the lakefront and just watch the boats and sails go by.. or enjoy seeing the skyline.


100_1232There’s Navy Pier again

100_1234100_1235Ducks swimming by.

The rest of the photos is just some sightseeing in Chicago, so I’ll post those on another post. Expect it this week, cause next week will be another busy week for me.. and for good reasons too.



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