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Happy Birthday, America!

Well, the 4th of July was sooo awesome!! Erik and I went to his house, ate grilled chicken and kabobs (and whatnot), and his niece and nephews came by. It was so much fun!

Later on that night, we went to the fireworks show with Ari, Donte, James, Toya, and her parents! It was so fun!!

Here are the photos (By the way, I took photos and videos on both my phone and camcorder, but the photos that I’m gonna show are from my camcorder)

PTDC0004Oh yea, my photos from my camcorder took horrible photos. Sorry bout that.








Happy birthday, America, and I hope everyone had a very safe 4th of July!

P.S., while we (Erik and I) were trying to head our way back to his truck, we encounter a fight!! Yes people, two girls were fighting while people in their cars were trying to make their way out! Man, that was epic!!

1013469_10151703530957342_1945663326_nHave a great night everyone!



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