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Week One Almost Over

…now onto week two of Mum’s recovery: The start of physical therapy

So… week one was very emotional. My family really pissed me off, and to make things worse, I was the main target for one family member to vent her anger on. This really made me upset, cause I’m doing as best as I can. Also, she was stressing out so much, so yea… that made me upset.

Things have gotten better though. I do have my hissy fits every now and then, but I’m trying to improve on it, cause taking care of someone is NO joke. At first, it was hard for me to get used to the fact that I have to do everything by myself (I.E. Cook, do laundry, clean the house) WHILE taking care of a temporary disabled person, cause I’m used to have others do those things (As mentioned above) for me. Yes, called me spoiled, but that’s what life was like for me.. til Mum’s hip replacement surgery came, and now I have to help her through most of the time (If my aunt or grandma wasn’t there to keep her company), until next week, when she starts her physical therapy. Now since I’m back to work (Even after going home from work, I still have to help her.), she’s now making progress… slowly, but surely.

Now, she can get out of the bed by herself and go downstairs on her own. She can get upstairs on her own, but from the start of the stairs, she still needs a bit of help. As far as getting in bed by herself… she still has a hard time to do so, so I’m most likely have to help her. After she’s set, I’m basically set for the night… after the second time of helping her.

As far as sleep cycles go… at first, I was losing A LOT of sleep, cause she needed my help almost everytime she wakes up, and that made me pissed off and crabby, cause of that. Now, she goes downstairs by herself, so in the morning…. it leaves me with getting some zzz’s. About time!

So now week one will be over tomorrow. Now onto week two: Physical therapy. My aunt’s gonna take her to the hospital (And I guess I have to follow her) so she can get her checkup and start her physical therapy. If week one was bad, then week two will be worse.. we’ll see how week two will go.

I just gotta hang on for a few more weeks, cause the first week or two will be rough, but things will get better afterwards. I hope so, cause depression set in in week one, and so week two will most likely break me like week one did.

Well, until then.. I will keep everyone posted bout my Mum’s progress and my life, as well.



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2 thoughts on “Week One Almost Over

    1. Thanks so much for that comment.

      Yea, things have gottten better since the last time I posted this blog post. They’re now looking up to me as a hero for my Mum.. about time.


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