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Sexual Assault Awareness Day

I honestly did not know that today was Sexual Assault Awareness Day.

Yea… today is Sexual Assault Awareness Day. How I know bout this? Well look:

0430131157Before I went to class, a lady gave me this ribbon that represents Sexual Assault Awareness.. and I guess today was the day.

0430131155 These are cardboard shapes of men and women. The gold plate on the cardboard tells the name of the person, the age when he/she died, the date that he/she was killed, and how he/she died. They have some info of the children who died as well.

0430131156Children shared their drawings and paintings in honor of this awareness.

0430131156aPeople made motivational t-shirts in honor of this awareness as well.

0430131313A mini slideshow of the survivors of sexual assault.



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