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Cousin’s Birthday Weekend

So yesterday was my cousin’s birthday, but my family decided to celebrate his birthday today.

0427131231We actually went to Schaumburg to Woodfield Mall.

0427131231aWoodfield Mall, here we come!

0427131235There’s the Illinois Art Institute of Schaumburg.

0427131235aArgosy University

0427131236 Strayer University

0427131249Welcome to Woodfield Mall!!

0427131316This Yogurt is soo good!

0427131323aMy grandma talking to my cousin’s girlfriend. She’s very nice.

0427131323The rest of my family.

0427131351We actually went to The Cheesecake Factory for my cousin’s birthday.

0427131423Buffalo chicken wings and wonton. The wonton’s alright though… don’t care much for crab.

0427131447 For dinner: Orange chicken with white rice with raspberry lemonade!

0427131652 Canon building. It’s so awesome seeing the buildings up close!

0427131821The only thing that I brought from the mall was the new Kid Rock CD: Rebel Soul. Oh yea, don’t pay no mind to my teddy bear’s head. It’s not dirty or burned up or anything like that. The camera and shadow made it look like that for some odd reason.



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