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Kid Rock, ZZ Top, and Uncle Kracker Concert

For once, I am feeling happy today.

I think it’s cause of this: Two days ago, I found out that Kid Rock’s coming to Chicago this summer (Soo excited bout it), and I just had to tell my friend Andrea bout it, since she loves rock music as much as I do. So I asked her if she likes Kid Rock, and guess what? She does!! 😀 That really made me happy, cause I couldn’t believe that someone at my job likes the same type of music as much as I do (Well, when I first saw her, she was wearing some shoes with skulls on it. It made me realize that she prob likes rock music as well)!! So, when I told her that he’s coming to Chicago this summer, and that tickets start at $20 (August 30th for all of ya Kid Rock, ZZ Top, and Uncle Kracker fans. I love Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker, so that’s the main reason why I wanna go), and she was like “We’re going!” 😀 Oh my gosh, I am uber excited!!! So this summer, me, her, and Erik (Yea Erik’s coming along with us too, I’m too excited!!!) are going to see him live in concert!!! 😀 You guys don’t know how excited I am to go to a concert for the very first time, especially with two of my favorite rock and country artists on stage… *Screams*

So yea, when August comes, I’m gonna be counting down the days to the concert! Everytime I listen to Kid Rock, I can’t help, but have a HUGE smile on my face, cause I can’t believe that I’m gonna see him live in concert for the first time ever!! 😀 Nothing can ruin this day.. except work, but I’m def gonna call off when that day comes.



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