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Snow in April? Count Down the Final Days

..of your life.

Yes people, you heard me correctly. It is SNOWING in April. If you read the bible, they say that on the final days, the seasons will be confused. This is what my sis Toya said online.

Recording the verse of Wormwood by Fozzy:

Ushering in the end of days

Destroying those who’ve lost their ways

Only the blessed shall survive

Armageddon has arrive.

If the song is indeed true, then we should be preparing the final days of our lives. This scares me so, cause I’m too young to die. It’s not my time to die just yet. However… it might come sooner or later. Time to start believing in Jesus now, if you haven’t already.

Golly, I sound like my brother. He says stuff like that.

In other news: It’s been raining for bout or almost a week over my area. I don’t know if that means anything (Other than April showers bring May flowers), but hey… this weather is psycho.

Oh yea, yesterday I have been able to go to school, despite the weather being this psycho. That made my day though.

Anyway, I’m gonna go make a milkshake. Be back in another time.



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