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Proving People Wrong, Once Again

..and of course, I’m on a roll.

So recently my brother posted some posts on a social media website (Not gonna say which website though) about this school that he’s going to. Let’s just say that once again, I proved someone wrong, and he was one of my victims, sadly.

This school that he’s going to is giving him fits, but here’s the thing: I heard of bad things bout the school (My aunt went to this school when I was a kid, and she more than likely didn’t get a good experience out of it), and I told him not to go that school, cause of 3 things.

1. NOT an accredited college, AT ALL. I told him that, and he’s still decided to go.

2. Their advertisements are a big. Fat. LIE. How did I know that? Instincts, family member reviews, and of course, reviews via the web. <—This is the reviews that I found about this school he’s attending. Of course, I didn’t say anything to him bout that.

3. Cause of what my brother’s talking mentioning on the social media website.

So anyway, once again, I proved someone wrong. Sadly, it was someone that I love, and that I was trying to look out for him as well. I feel bad bout it, but he didn’t listen to my advice. I told him over and over again, not to go to that school. He said that this was the school that he wanted to go to (Like a certain someone that I know that said the same thing to the school that he’s attending as well, and I’m pretty sure that he’s gonna end up regretting it as well), and what happened now? He’s paying for it in the worse possible way, sad to say.

You know what? I actually proved him wrong.. TWICE. What was the second thing that I proved him wrong? Private student loans.

I recommended to him that he should NOT apply for private student loans, cause I remember what Suze Orman said in her show: NEVER apply for private student loans, because you have to pay it back every year (Or semester, I believe), and the interest rates varies from 4-29% (Or was it 19%. I’m pretty sure it was 19%). Of course, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be regretting that as well. So that’s twice that I proved him wrong.

I’m sorry big brother, but you didn’t listen to me. Now you’re paying the price, big time. I hope you can get through this situation soon.. or better.

P.S., did I mention that the school he’s going to is an ALL YEAR college? Meaning, he’s not gonna have ANY summer break until AFTER he graduates, but I’m pretty sure that he’s gonna use that time to start looking for some dead-end jobs.. since the jobs that he’ll try to look for, career wise, will not offer him a job, cause of the college that he’s attending is NOT accredited, and jobs will not hire people who graduated from an non accredited college.

Sorry to say that, but it’s true.


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