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Back to Deep Depression

Mainly because of financial situations

These last two days were going so good for me… until I check my accounts, and it (Plus my Mum making me regret giving that $55 for that lifetime membership fee for that honors society) just put me back into deep depression.

So just now I was checking my accounts, and guess what? One account is back to 0 and another one is in the negative. Why and how? Let’s just say that cause of some family member told me that they were gonna pay for my membership (And they already did a month ago, but it didn’t show til yesterday), that my Mum scolded at me, thus making me regret it. Either way it goes, I would’ve regret it, cause if I didn’t send it, then it wouldn’t look good on my resume, and I would’ve made that family member mad. If I did, then it would do me so good, but then again, it would’ve made my Mum mad as ever, so either way it goes, I regret it. Now cause of that (and the fact that I’m  now broke), it’s now taking me back into deep depression.

So because of that (And the fact that I still haven’t pay my tuition), I might not go back this fall semester. Also, once I get my car, I might not get a job til sometime the end of this year (And yes, I just realize it too), so that puts me back at depression. So yea, I just can’t win right now.

Like I said, if things don’t go my way by August, then I’m gonna be in deep depression til Jan. of next year, cause either way it goes, I might have to graduate in 2016 rather than 2015, which sucks, cause that’ll also put my wedding plans on hold.

Life as an undergrad is NOT easy. Yes, I’m just suddenly realizing that I need to watch my money closely, so because of this: No more spending money from now til next year. I’ll only gonna spend money bout no more than 2x per week.., cause as of right now: I’m grounded financially til 2014.. or until I can prove to myself and to my Mum that I can be financially responsible. Whichever comes first.



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4 thoughts on “Back to Deep Depression

  1. Learning to manage money is so very important. I remember when I was in college doing my degree, I was giving tuition to high sch kids and I earn S$1000 a month. But I couldn’t even save a single cent and my parents still gives me S$400/month for food and transport. And all were spent to zero and I borrowed from my mum every month… I wish I have learnt to manage my finance during my college days and I would have started with an edge above others.

    1. Yea, managing money is very hard. Now since I’m gonna get a car this summer, its more important than ever for me to manage money, cause I’m gonna have to pay for insurance, and my own phone bill as well (Not to mention car maintemence).

      Not to mention paying for tuition, pay off debt and all of that stuff… so now I’m gonna have to start saving even more.

    1. Thanks a whole lot. *Hugs* its hard to not be depressed most of the time, especially if you have a parent making you regret the stuff that you already brought, thus making you much more depressed.

      I’m gonna have to start saving to move out soon, cause I can’t take living in my Mum’s house anymore.

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