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Time to Start Acting Like an Adult

If you must know, things aren’t looking up for me as of right now again… and I’m sick and tired of talking bout this over and over again.

When is life gonna give me that push that I needed?

I know what you’re thinking: Another post bout this, right? Yea, we know already.

This time, I’m gonna talk bout what I will do about my life: Start acting like an adult.

Last night, I watched The Suze Orman Show, and she was talking to this lady bout what she needed to do to stand on her own two feet. The lady that was on the show talked bout how she wanted to stand on her own two feet and see what she can do to take care of her debt. She had bout $192K worth of student loan debt (Private and federal student loan) that she obtained from going to a 5 yr expensive art school to become a graphic designer. Guess where she’s at now? Working at a grocery market full time (I don’t consider having 8 hrs per week total full time).

Okay, so I finally realize what my Mum was talking bout all this time, that people who graduated with their bachelor’s degree in certain fields won’t be able to get the job that they desire… they’re stuck working at Micky D’s being managers and whatnot. Still, that’s not gonna happen to me. My plan is to go to school and be an intern at an investment bank, along with getting my Series 7 and 63 licenses before I graduate.

Anyway, back to what happened last night. So the girl told Suze that her parents were paying for her student loan repayment, and for her to stay at her boyfriend’s trailer. Side note: Now that I think bout it, I don’t think living in a trailer isn’t as bad as it might seem… after all, you’ll get low rent, but then again… people might consider you to be either broke or trailer trash if you tell em that you live in one. Yea, what a rude society we live in. So to make the story short: Suze told her that she should start acting like an adult, since she wants to stand up on her own two feet.

It really hit home to me, cause I’ve been in that woman’s shoes for a while now (Minus the outstanding $192K of mostly private student loans), and it made me realize that I have to stand up on my own two feet one way or another. It’s time to start acting like an adult for a change, and stop whining so much bout how life’s not going the way that I planned. Like the old saying goes: If you want something, you gotta do it yourself.. or something like that.

0407130905P.S., this was yesterday morning before I had to work. My breakfast, yum.

As usual, work was pretty slow, but I did see my coworker today. She has been out for over a month now, and like myself, she’s also looking for another job, cause of this: She was checking to see if she had any hrs on the new schedule, and guess what? She didn’t get any whatsoever. So yea, she was pretty pissed bout that, and hey, I agree… I would’ve been pissed if I didn’t get any hrs as well (Consider that I barely get any hrs to begin with. It’s good, cause I don’t have to be there as much, but it’s bad, cause I need to start saving up and somehow it’s not working).

So yea, starting June, things are really gonna change. I’m gonna stop eating out as much, cause I’m gonna have a whole bunch of bills I gotta pay, and also I’m gonna start working two jobs now, possibly three and go to school as well. Once I get my car, I can finally start looking for jobs. Cause let’s face it: It’s time for me to get out of this job anyway. I can’t stress it enough, ya know? I’m hoping that things go as planned for me this summer.



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