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Ari’s Birthday Party

Okay, so an update.. A very special update!

Yesterday, I went to my twin Ari’s birthday party. It was crazy and stressful at first, cause I was trying to figure out the final details, and once we all got everything set up, it was a go!

After I dropped my Mum from work, I went and picked up Erik. Then we decided to take the expressway (Which would’ve took me straight to the restaurant either way it goes, via my job or via by Erik’s house), cause I don’t believe that there was no other way to get there via street.

Once we got there, my stress level went from 0 to 20, cause of some freakin miscommunication. X( Apparently, Ari’s godsister was paying for everyone’s food…, but once we got there, we STILL had to pay bout almost $30 total ($13 each). Thankfully Erik paid for it, but still… if she paid for everyone, then why on Earth did we had to pay our way in?? I did NOT want Erik to spend that much money on food…, cause that was highway robbery there. So, after that was all said and done, we got our drinks (You have to get your hand stamped in order to get served there. Thankfully the stamp wasn’t permanent, otherwise I would’ve been in deep trouble), and once again my stress level was very high. Almost everything went wrong here. Thankfully my twin calmed me down, and she decided to pay Erik back that $27.

Basically within the first several mins of getting to that restaurant, I was stressed out and freakin worried bout my boyfriend’s financial situation. I seriously DID NOT want him to spend that much money on me, even though he did it hundreds of times, but that was cause of the specials. Basically, it was an all-you-can-eat Chinese and Japanese food buffet (Of course American food) that we went.

0406131657Once my other sisters and brothers came, I was already feeling too excited bout seeing and spending time with em. I do have to admit, the food was indeed good…

0406131739Except the freakin sushi and Californian roll! Those were nasty, even if you put some type of sauce on em. I really don’t see how everyone likes these things… well, the ones that actually love em.

0406131720There was a small pond full of fishes and a turtle.

0406131721…which by the way, I thought was a decoration. I didn’t know that it was a real live turtle til I saw it swim across the pawn.

0406131739aMy baby and I. He was worried bout me, as I was worried bout him and his financial situation.

0406131745My sis Toya trying to pick up food with chopsticks. It’s hard at first, but you gotta practice.

0406131746Here’s the birthday girl, Ari! She’s also my twin.

0406131750My sisters Ari, Toya, and Brittney

0406131750aFinally two of my 5 brothers, Albert (Yellow shirt) and Donte.

All in all, I did have a blast. Once everyone departed, I took Erik home, and we ended up kissing for bout 2 mins.. in the rain. I actually loved it.

I’m sleepy now… So I need to get some sleep.

P.S., Mother Nature, I freakin hate you. Thanks to you, my Mum thinks that I should see a gyno, but I straighten her out.


I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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