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Mini Notebook, Away!!

So my friend’s out of the hospital from that car crash I told you guys about, I’m really happy bout that!

In other news, I’m on here via my mini notebook! I completely forgot bout that notebook, but my Mum’s friend was gonna give me $100 for it, but I guess he doesn’t want it now, so I might as well use it for travels. I can also use it for my school studies!! 😀

My gosh! For a while, I was gonna buy a new notebook for school and business, but I remember that I have this little HP notebook that I got from Verizon a few years ago!! Perfect!! 😀 now my search is complete.

What’s even good is that now I won’t have to use my other laptop to carry me round whenever I got to Starbucks! This mini HP (This is what I’m gonna call my notebook from now on, Mini HP. So when you see me write bout Mini HP, then just know that its my mini notebook) will be perfect for when I wanna carry a computer with me someplace.

Not to worry though. I won’t abandon my other laptop. I’m gonna use that for my games and whatnot.

Only problem bout this Mini HP: It only has bout 1 GB, so if I play a game on here, then chances are it’s not gonna work well on here. Trust me, I know.

Oh ya, how I’m feeling you might ask? I’m doing okay. Taking things one at a time. I am happy that things are slowly returning to normal… sorta. At least I still have my Mini HP with me. I’m gonna be doing some system updates on here right bout now. In the meantine, while that’s going on, I might as well delete my school account on my other computer, since this HP is gonna be where I’ll use my school and business stuff on.

P.S., the mouse pad’s somewhat sensitive, but it works 95% of the time.



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