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Nothing Else to Say

I seriously have nothing else to say right now. I’m so grateful that my friend made it out of the crash alive, but from what I heard, her boyfriend was killed.

This is why we CANNOT take things for granted, and to take one day at a time right now, cause of situations like this. I’m so glad that I have my boyfriend and all of my family and friends alive at this time, but I can’t say the same for my friend and her friend.. or boyfriend.

I might not be blogging on here for a little bit. If I do, then it’ll show that I’m coping bit by bit.

Right now, I feel like crying, but I’m not going to. I might cry myself to sleep cause of what happened, but I don’t know.

Tomorrow is my bff Ari’s birthday, and I might just cancel on seeing her, cause of this incident that happened with my friend and her friend or boyfriend. Okay, so I’m not, but I might just spend the day doing homework and quizzes, just to get my mind out of what happened. No doubt that my other friends are saddened bout this, so yea I’m not alone.

I’m just glad that she’s alive though. That’s the important thing, is that she made it out alive. Now cause of this, I can safely say, I will not be driving in the wee hours of the morning, UNLESS I have to.



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2 thoughts on “Nothing Else to Say

  1. Wow that is very scary. I’m happy to hear your friend made it out okay and very sorry to hear about her boyfriend. My thoughts go out to you.

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