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Easter Egg Coloring With Erik

As I sit here, eating Townhouse Toppers (With nothing on top of em) Garlic and Herb…,

drinking Naked juice (Strawberry and Banana. I would’ve drunk chocolate and banana, but it tastes so nasty! Yech), and here on my computer with a slight runny nose, due from frreakin allergies, I check my notifications on what other website? Why, WordPress, of course!

I have to thank everyone for liking my 30 Day Photo Challenge on my photography and fashion blog! That’s not what I’m posting this blog post on. My fellow blogger Caroline commented me on my post, Dam Allergies!! She told me to post the Easter Eggs when I was finished. If it wasn’t for me checking my notifications, I would’ve posted it tomorrow! I was originally gonna do that tomorrow, since it is Easter Sunday, but hey.. I said that I was gonna show you guys the photos, eh? So here it is!

0330131704These colorings look like pop that has gone flat, or alka-seltzer coloring. It would be awesome if they actually made something like that with flavors!

0330131712The eggs are now dipped in coloring, and you can see Erik’s hand putting the egg into the orange coloring.

0330131743Our colored eggs!

0330131741This one (A more clearer photo of the very first egg that I ever did is up above. First row: Red egg with words, kinda eggshell green, and now this egg) looks like a dinosaur egg from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped! I wonder if I crack it, will baby Dino pop out?

0330131657Erik preparing the coloring

0330131744This is one of two of Erik’s creations. This one says Jesus Rules.

0330131742This is another egg that he did. This time, it says Vote Republican. It’s a joke, though.

0330131659I call this: Easter egg coloring pills.

0330131750Final photo. I tried drawing a heart on those two eggs, but it kinda didn’t work out like I planned. At least it’s another creation that I came up with.

That’s it with the photos!

Now if you will excuse me, I gotta go brush my teeth, cause my breath smells like strawberries, garlic, and herbs. Tasty combo. XD



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