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Live From Inside the Undergrad’s World

It’s The Trip to Downtown Chicago!!!

With your host: Sasha!

*With a microphone* Hey hey hey everyone! Welcome to an all new blog post of The Trip to Downtown Chicago!! This is your host, the most awesome undergrad, and I have exclusive photos of my trip to downtown Chicago!

IMG_0222Here’s the first photo! Look at the buildings and schools in Chicago!

IMG_0223..and if you look forward, you’ll see people walking in and out and about Chicago! It was a gloomy day, but it didn’t stop me and my boyfriend Erik from traveling here!

IMG_0224Look at Mr. Erik Bowman posing under the Russian Tea Time sign! What a handsome, sexy man he is! So glad he’s mine!

IMG_0225Aww look at the Russian dolls in the window, and the awards that this service has! Congrats to the owners!

IMG_0226Across from where I was standing is a French café call Falfil! Next time Erik and I come here, we’ll check it out!

IMG_0227This is the Art Institute of Chicago! Not much to say there.

IMG_0228Here’s a double decker bus! I’m gonna go on there this summer!

IMG_0229Behind me here is even more buildings. Banks, schools, office buildings, and apartments!

IMG_0230Grant Park sign. I’m guessing that only cars can go though there.

IMG_0231One of many souvenir shop.

 IMG_0232Instrument shop. I used to play an instrument when I was in middle school.

IMG_0233This is where they’re gonna have the  annual Taste of Chicago. That’s where my friends and I are gonna go this summer.

IMG_0235Advertisement. Really creative.

IMG_0237Even more apartment and office buildings. What’s that up ahead?

IMG_0239Why it’s MEEE!!! Standing underneath The Congress Plaza Hotel! When I got through posing for the camera, two guys came by and told me that I was very creative and fun-filled. 😀 Ahahahahahahaha  *Blushes* Heehee that made my day.

IMG_0238Me up close. Thanks to Erik for taking those pics of me!

IMG_0242Another college: Columbia College Chicago.

IMG_0243Here’s the Lillian and Larry Goodman Center. I wonder if it’s like the Allstate Arena or theatre center…?

IMG_0244USA flag and Chicago Flag. Did you know that Chicago is home to WWE wrestler CM Punk? He’s really awesome…

IMG_0246You’ll see people walking their dogs in Chicago. They were playing with other dogs.

IMG_0248Even more buildings. It would be SOO awesome to live downtown. It IS expensive living there though.

IMG_0249Straight ahead is Lake Michigan. We’re gonna go there in a few months.

IMG_0250For the final photo… Metra, South Shore Line, and Amtrak trains go to and from Chicago to other cities and suburbs, such as Blue Island, Ivanhoe, Harvey, Tinley Park, and others.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy The Trip to Downtown Chicago! Join me next time as I write an all new blog post of… well, whatever I come up with!

Thank you all, goodnight/morning/afternoon!



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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