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A Slay of Good and Neutral News

…In this order:

1. I’m finally getting my camcorder tonight!!! This will be the 2nd camcorder that I would’ve owned. The first camcorder I threw away, cause the batteries drained overtime (Even though I charge it multiple times when it goes dead), and to get an all new battery, you gotta call it in and pay S&H for it, not to mention they might not even HAVE the battery. Another reason why I got rid of it was cause even though it takes good pictures outside, it took HORRIBLE photos inside, and whenever I record it, it comes out REALLY GRAINY. Sound was good. Overall… it was a good camcorder to start out with, but I just wish I could’ve waited til I got enough money to get a better one.

2. Erik and I are going to Chicago today!!! 😀 I’ll make sure to take some photos there!!

3. My Mum’s new recliner is gonna be here this Friday. Also, my grandma’s gonna be visiting as well.

That was the good news. Here’s the neutral news:

1. My Mum’s finally gonna find out when her surgery’s gonna be today. Once I find out, then I’ll tell my twin and boyfriend what’s going on, so they can keep me company.

2. My aunt wants to take my Mum to go get a pedicure this Saturday, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen then, since I’m gonna be at work by then.

Well, that’s all the news for today. If I’m not too tired by the time I come back home from picking my Mum from work today, then I’ll write how my day went on here. *Yawns* Knowing that I might get another food coma today, it might not happen. Oh well. *Shrugs*



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