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Awaiting Wednesday

Cause I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen in the next two weeks.

Right now, I’m listening to Edith Piaf…, cause now, I’m just waiting on Wednesday to arrive. No, not cause I’m hoping that I’ll go to Chicago with Erik, and no, it’s not cause I’m gonna get my camcorder that night as well. It’s cause I’ll finally gonna find out what day that my Mum’s gonna have her hip replacement surgery.

Yep, that’s the bright side to this whole stressful mess: I’m getting a new camcorder this Wednesday! I had one, but the photos came out all blurry and grainy whenever I used it inside. I’m anxious to see how this new one’s gonna do. 🙂 If it works, then I’m gonna use it to shoot my movie, A Twisted Affairs! 😀

I might test it out either Thursday or Friday. Most likely Thursday, since my Mum’s gonna work late again.

Also, I punched out of work 20 mins early today, cause of me being delusional… and not checkiing my schedule right. When things start to turn really bad, or when I know things are gonna be turning stressful, I get delusional. Right now, since my Mum will know what day her surgery is gonna be this Wednesday, I’m eager to find out what’s gonna happen. She thinks that it’s gonna be two weeks after Easter. Me, I’m just hoping that I can have my baby and my twin keep me company through those 2-3 days. I know I’m gonna end up working on one of those days, so I’m gonna prepare for that.

Sometimes I wonder if and when I’ll finally get my head out of this stressful life. I told Erik on New Year’s Eve that this year won’t get better til sometime in August. Now, I’m beginning to think that I’m right all this time. I’m part Psychic, so if my prediction is gonna be a bit wrong, then so be it. Guess what? Things aren’t looking my way so far. My job’s getting worse (It’s having it’s fair share of ups, but that’s only through that one day or week), I still haven’t gotten my license back yet, and now my Mum’s gonna have surgery in a few weeks. The bright side of this is that I’m getting a new car this summer, and my Mum’s gonna be pain-free (Mostly) after this, and I’m gonna be starred in a movie that I made. Also, I’m gonna be in Chicago a few times this year AND I’m gonna be seeing some of my cousins on my father’s side, as well as seeing my nieces and nephews for the very first time as well. I forgot, I’m gonna be getting two jobs and quitting my dead end job once and for all! Hopefully all of those things will fall into place this summer, cause if they do…, my life will be moving one step closer to being stress-free. Oh well. Off to bed. I have school in the morning.

As the saying goes: If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself… *Puts head down* especially if you want your life to become stress free. *Puts head up with tears flowing down face* It’s time to take a stand.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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