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Update On My Day

Update: So we talked, and yes I shed some tears.. he stood by me and told me that it was gonna be alright. Soon after, he held me and decided to turn to the Church channel to make up today.

So after that, we watched some Sunday church and read some verses from the Holy Bible. After that, we played some Wii Sports and watched some more tv. A few hours ago, he left, and I ended up cleaning and finished playing Metroid Prime.

Now, I’m gonna put some more music on my iPod and MP3 player, cause tomorrow, I gotta work.

On the bright side of this, I might end up going to church next Sunday.. and also, I’m going to Chicago with my babe this week as well during his Spring Break and vacation. So can’t wait!!


I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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