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The Daily Struggles of an Undergrad

There’s no subtitle this time, so sorry bout that. I do, however want to talk about my daily struggles as an undergrad:

Sometimes I wonder how I am still making it through today’s world. Sometimes I wonder how my Mum is still making it through today’s world, knowing that she is only living on a paycheck to paycheck basis, just like almost everyone here in the world.

Day by day, these are the daily struggles of an undergrad: Depression, stress, sadness, anger, just broken down.

My soul’s trying to stay alive through this world called life, hence the description in this blog: Inside the Undergrad’s World.. minus my soul. Even though my soul’s trying to stay alive through life, I’m almost at an end.

If it wasn’t for my friends and boyfriend, I prob would’ve been dead a long time ago.

Some days, I’m really joyful, happy, free and feeling so alive and sweet. Most days, I’m depressed, trying to find a way out of this horrible, miserable life. Sadness and anger flow through me every time I go to a place that I hate, i.e. work. Stress… I can’t stand being stressed out anymore. I had enough of it.

Most of the time, you’ll see me on my headphones, listening to songs to help me get through this depressing life, such as Maybe by Sick Puppies, The Turn by M.I.A., or If You’re Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows) by Rodney Atkins. I gotta admit, if it wasn’t for my friends, boyfriend and music, especially rock and metal, then I would’ve been following the crowd, probably having a baby by then, or having a STD or HIV. I would’ve been dead a very long time ago if it wasn’t for them.

It’s hard to be different, staying faithful in a relationship, heck even making it through this hard time. Well guess what? I’m different and I love it, I’m staying faithful to Erik 100%, but I’m struggling to keep my head above the stress in my life.

This morning, I found out that my Mum has to have hip replacement surgery on both of her hips. I tried my best not to show my emotions, but deep down inside, I was sad. I just wanted to show her that I’m staying strong during this tough time, and I did. It’s very hard to do so, but I actually did it.

I paid off my ticket, but I can’t spend any money this week, cause once again, I’m low. Now since I found out that my Mum has to have hip replacement surgery, I really have to start saving money. I can’t spend like I used to anymore. I’m gonna have to change my life financially now. I have no choice.


*This post is dedicated to what I call the daily struggles of an undergrad.*



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2 thoughts on “The Daily Struggles of an Undergrad

  1. I’m sorry it has been rough but things do get better. I think it’s okay to be sad and strong at the same time. Hip surgery is scary but everyone I know who has had it has come out so much stronger in the end! Hang in there.

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