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Erik’s Special Birthday

I’m so happy for my Erik!

Here are some photos from Erik’s birthday and birthday party.

0319131145Here’s the birthday prince!

0319131146Our waiter took this for us.

0319131215Our 2 for $20 lunch special

0319131235Erik’s birthday sundae

0319131410This is the cake that Erik and I did. Since this was my first time doing cake writing… yea, I suck at it. It’s suppose to say “Happy 25th B-day Erik”…

0319131829This is Erik’s other cake. Both of em were really good!

0319131832My future niece-in-law Izzy and my nephew-in-law Marvin. I love em to death.

0319131900We were playing Super Mario Bros Wii while waiting on Erik to come over.

0319131902Kids are so creative. Izzy took that little flag and shouted Team Erik all cross the living room. I thought that was adorable.

0319131932Erik’s other birthday cake

0319131937My baby. I can’t believe he’s 25 now… like he said when he was singing how old he was: “God, I’m old!” Lol 🙂 I still love him though.

0319131939Me with the cake and ice cream! If there’s one thing that Erik and I have in common a whole lot: We love chocolate.

0319131940Final picture. I’m so glad he had the best birthday ever!

Next year… I’m gonna be where he’s at: 25. Yea, we’re like 1 yr, 8 mths and a day apart from each other. No wonder we’re that close to each other! 😀



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