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Braille is Hard to Learn

I’m not blind, but one of the games that I have has Braille in it.

Anyone knows the game Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen? I have FireRed, and right now I’m towards the end of the game.

In certain parts of the game, you’ll see messages coded in braille. You know, for people who are blind, they use the visual Braille system.

0316130052This is how the visual braille system is like on Pokemon FireRed. It’s really fun to read the message, especially if you are eager to learn Braille, but at the same time, it can be ANNOYING. In this section on the walkthrough guide, on Six Island, there’s a place called Ruin Valley. This is where the Braille System comes in. There are ruins that instruct players on how to reach this Sapphire using the Braille system. The link I posted up has the system so you can figure out what each letter in the alphabet means.

Now if you readers and viewers will excuse me, I gotta go get ready for work. P.S., I changed my room round. I’ll get photos of it tomorrow.



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