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Things CAN Get Worse For Me

Just when I thought that things couldn’t get much worse for me today…, it actually does.

This morning my Mum woke me up 12 mins before my alarm clock did… which made me irritated. I had to be at work this morning at 6 a.m., so already I knew today wasn’t gonna be good for me.

I got out 2 mins after ten, and I thought that my headache was gonna get better, since I was going to my school and out of that devilish job, but not too long ago, guess what? I got pulled over… again. First time in bout 2-3 yrs. Yep, it’s not even noon, and things are already starting to get worse.

..and guess what it was for this time? Yep, speeding. When it comes to driving, speeding is my sane drug.. even though it’s dangerous to do so, it keeps me sane on the road.., so is texting and driving. Even though it’s bad to do so, it keeps me sane while driving. Since my Mum and I only share one car, I can’t listen to my music in her car anymore…, cause I got in trouble for blasting my music in her car, so as a result, I decided to put my music away in the house. Music is the only thing that keeps me sane during the road.., besides being in the car with my friends and boyfriend. Without it, I’m forced to resort to speeding and texting. Now since I got a citation for speeding once again, I’m gonna have to do the speed limit from now on…, which by the way, is gonna make my insanity rise a WHOLE lot. My road rage is gonna rise, and I’m gonna be ending up getting honked at for driving the speed limit, if not 5 miles over. Also, I’m gonna have to stop texting and talking on the phone as well. So by doing those things from now on, I’ll be lucky if my insanity slows down or stops along the line, once I get my new car.

So yea, my headache is getting worse now. Luckly me talking to Erik is helping it a bit, but it still won’t do. *Sighs* As of right now until my license comes back, I’m gonna be in total depression. I hate my life at this time.

We’ll see how this “Gonna obey the rules of the road law” from now on til the day I die goes. For now, my insanity is gonna rise hard once I drive home.

The good news: My Mum was sincere about this whole thing, so thankfully she’s not yelling my butt off at me or chewing my head off about it.

Please somebody, keep me sane on the road until I get my car and my license back! X(



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4 thoughts on “Things CAN Get Worse For Me

    1. Yea, I’m starting to stop texting and driving and start lowing my speed.. I’m surprised that my insanity didn’t rise when I drove home doing the speed limit yesterday.

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