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The Almost Impossible Goal

Goal? What goal? How was it impossible?

Well, here WAS the goal: Last night at work, my boss had me get 20 emails and put em all in before the work night was all said and done.

Here’s how this short conversation went:

My boss: Hey Sasha?

Me: Yes?

My boss: I need you to do me a favor: Can you get me 20 emails to make our goal?

*Me nodding my head yes, while thinking wtsf (What the serious f**k) is he thinking in an angry way in my head*

My boss: Thanks. *Sprints away*

After that, I just gave a huge I-don’t-know-what-in-the-world-was-he-thinking sigh, and just moved on. Here was the thing that makes it impossible that was rearing through my subconscious: With rarely, but no more than 5-10 customers in the store, how in the holy mother of f**k am I gonna get 20 emails all in one night…, let alone in the next two hours?! Seriously, I can understand if it was during the day, where we would have a lot more customers, but it was almost closing time, and we didn’t have more than 15 customers in the store! 😡

Yes, I was really pissed off last night when I had to do the impossible task, so I have every right to drop the censored f-bombs in this post, domo arigato.

So what did I do? I did managed to walk round the entire store bout 5-7 times in two hours (Slowly, I might add), asking people if they have their emails with this store. As expected, some said they did, but unexpectedly, I had a whole bunch of em actually giving out their emails. As the night progressed, I did wonder if I did a good job of doing that, I wonder how many clients will I have once, my dream career starts… or more thereof, my internship at Scottrade… or any other investment banking that I’ll be working for in a few months-a year?

Here’s something that I never thought that I’ll be doing that night: Asking my coworkers if they have any emails they can give to me. Surprisingly, almost all of em (With the exception of 4, maybe 5 if I had asked my boss), decided to help out! I was really stunned, cause I thought all of my coworkers wouldn’t know anyone who will be able to help out. Of course, I did put in a few emails of my own, but a few others (Including my boss) did help out a little.

So in total, out of 33 emails we (Meaning everyone that was working that night, including me) had to make to reach our goal, we ended up with 47. As for me, I was off by 2, so I almost did it. I actually made 18 out of 20 emails, and helped my coworker convince a customer to try to open up a Kohl’s charge.

Yep, all in a night’s work. Also, I managed to get my depts in order, cleaned out the fitting room, and helped everyone else out in four hours.

To conclude, it was a daunting task (I can and would’ve called it impossible, if it weren’t for my coworkers helping out) to stacked up 20 emails in less than 2 hours, but in the end, it was worth it. I just hope my boss doesn’t make me do that again.. or even worse, make me get more than 20 emails or 2 credits on a slow night. That would REALLY be impossible.. and yes, it would suck too.

–The ramblings of an enraged undergrad

P.S., I just finished studying for my next exam not too long ago, as well. Now I’m bout to do some shopping and get ready for Spring.. and the daunting 4 day work week.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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