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Yesterday I read an article about how some of electricity could end life as we know it. Being the paranoid person that I am when it comes to fears, it scared me to death. I texted Erik bout this, and he told me that we’re not gonna die.

Sometime later, I calmed down. Later that night, one of my friends told me that he hoped that it isn’t true at all. He must’ve been scared as I was when he read it.

Earlier this morning, I couldn’t sleep. What made me cry was this: When we die, where do we go? I know our spirits will go into the afterlife, but will we be able to see, hear, touch when we die… in spirit form, I mean? What is the “afterlife?” Some people say that when we die, we will go to either Heaven or Satan’s lair. Others say that we will go to the afterlife. Which is it?

I did hear that before you die, you’ll see this white light and your life flashing by. What happens next? Will this white light become greater as soon as you take your final breath? When you finally die, what will you see… or hear… or touch? Where will your spirit be? When Earth is no more, what will we see in the solar system? Will we be able to do the things that we used to do (I.E., write in our diary, enjoy life without all the violence, listen to our music) in spirit? I hope that someone will provide me with all of the answers before I take my last breath. If the answers are there and true, then I will finally be at peace when I die. Death will no longer be my greatest fear. It’ll be just another subject that will finally take place when life is no more.

What I really hope is that someday, when we’re in the afterlife we will find a planet where we can live in… as a second chance in life. Our spirits will transform into the bodies that we once were before we die, and we can enjoy peace once more.

Another thing that I hope is that I’ll be able to spend eternity in Heaven.. or somewhere nice when I die. By the way, death is my greatest fear. I do wanna live forever, but I know that’s not gonna happen. We will all die someday, somehow. I hope that I’ll be able to die of either old age or of natural causes.  When I’m buried, I wanna be buried next to the love of my life and my children, if I have one someday.

For now, I’ll just live the life that I should be living.. and live life to the fullest. I’ll deal with death when I reach my final years.


I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

2 thoughts on “Afterlife


    # 502 You Have Arrived Home

    In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    What is a home?
    How do you describe home?
    Is it a place where you are loved?
    Are you happy and at peace at home?
    Best things are at home. Isn’t that right?
    You are always welcome, and you are free to do as you please.
    This is a good home.
    It is a home that is clean and comfortable.
    It is a place where you can find food and shelter.
    People at home are always laughing and singing.
    You can hear the singing as you come up the road.
    Small people of Earth, this is where you want to be.
    Blessings are felt while you are on your way.
    Mom and dad are at the gate to welcome you home.
    They throw their arms around you and hug you and kiss you
    with great tears of joy streaming down their faces.
    All the relatives greet you
    and are so grateful that got you home safe.
    Then you see your little brother and your little sister.
    They are so beautiful.
    They take you in
    and show you the great feast
    prepared in your honor.

    This is you.
    You are so young and beautiful.
    You are so full of energy and life.
    What happened to the old body?
    That person who was crippled and blind?
    That person who could not remember who you were?
    This is the day.
    This is the great and glorious day.
    It is the beginning of a new day.
    You have arrived home!
    How you cried to go home,
    but you could not remember where home was.
    How you were lost among strangers
    who did not love you,
    then you were on a road.
    It was a wonderful road.
    You knew you were on the road leading home.
    You could walk and talk.
    You could see and hear.
    You felt so energetic and full of life.
    You knew where you were for a long while.
    You did not know, but now you knew.
    You could not remember where you had been.
    Where you had been an old man didn’t matter.
    You wonder, “Where did the words “old man” come from?”
    It doesn’t matter.
    This day,
    as the sun rises in the horizon,
    a free man walks this road.
    In God’s love. Amen.

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