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Sleep Texting Nightmares

Yes, it happens to everyone.

4:00 a.m., text from Erik. “Hey.”

5:12 a.m., I replied back “Baraka?”

Some time later, reply back from Erik: “……”

Yep, it happens to everyone, whether you realize it or not.

It just happened to me this morning, as you can see from above. I meant to type in “babe”, but why I replied back “Baraka” I have no idea. I have a photo of Baraka as my desktop wallpaper. Duh, I should’ve known!

You know you think bout Mortal Kombat way too much, when you text someone back with one of your favorite MK character.

Not to worry, I already told him that I was sleep texting and I didn’t know til it was too late. He just laughed it off.

Well, next month is March, and guess what? My spring break is towards the end of March, instead of early! That’s nice, I guess.

Well, time to check email and relax before I get ready for work. This is gonna be a very long day.


I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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