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A Twisted Affairs Photo

Finally, the photos that I made via are done!!

…well, not really. I done em yesterday. I posted it on my other blog.

pizap.com13606383684161I know I already posted this photo up already, but it won’t hurt to show it again.

Now for the new photos:

pizap.com13607021426991This is the Baiamonte Family: Mirielle, Silvain, Pierre, and Abrielle.

Latoya (Top, left) as Mirielle

Albert (Next to Latoya) as Silvain

Me as Abrielle

Lawrence (Next to me) as Pierre

pizap.com13607030961381Abrielle and Lance. They’re long-lost boyfriend and girlfriend.

Erik as Lance

pizap.com13607045059381This is the gang: Lance, Abri, Addison, Lucas, Skylar, and Pierre.

Arianna (Next to me) as Addison

James (Below Erik) as Lucas

Donte (Between James and Lawrence) as Skylar

pizap.com13607056715031Mirielle and Silvain, Abrielle and Pierre’s parents.

pizap.com13607059586391Lucas and Skylar, best friends and undercover cops.

Final picture

pizap.com13607073927391Once again, this is Abrielle and Pierre, sister and brother. With how the way things are gonna be in this movie, they’re gonna need each other more than ever.. even though they are really close.

Well, that’s the casts of A Twisted Affairs.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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