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Chicago’s Getting Worse

Have you guys heard of these massive killings going on in Chicago? It’s getting worse and worse. Yesterday, a woman got shot and killed trying to help someone over in Lake Shore Drive expressway. What is going on? Who are these killers and why do they want to kill all these innocent people, including children??

My friend’s cousin and his cousin’s best friend were shot, but his best friend was killed. I don’t know bout his cousin though.

Something’s gotta give, though. This is seriously getting out of control.

I was considering moving to Chicago though…, but not where all the killings are at. I’m not sure if it’s safe moving to Chicago anymore…  but I will move to Downtown Chicago though… or somewhere close to it. Better yet, I might have to move to the suburbs close to downtown.

If it continues this way, I’m gonna have to move somewhere away from there.

I hope these killers get what they deserve though.



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2 thoughts on “Chicago’s Getting Worse

    1. I know. Thankfully I alreayd live in a safe neighborhood (Where there’s rarely any killings or shootings), but still.. I hope the people in the city of Chicago will get its act together.

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