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French Foreign Exchange Student Update

**A tiny update on The French Foreign Exchange Student in Chicago**

Well, it took me a little bit (No more than 30 mins), but I finally got the names of the characters for my short movie. It took a while to figure out the last names of the characters.. It was tricky, but I managed to do it.

French Foreign Exchange Student: Abrielle Cosette Baiamonte

Friend 1: Addison Smith

Friend 2: Crystal Jones

Friend 3: Adrian Zant

Friend 4: Skylar Haden

*Note: Reason why I put it as friend 1, 2, so on and so forth, is cause at the end of the movie, they all become friends. Just a heads up there.*

Businessman/Rapist: Joseph Quinn

Abrielle’s brother: Pierre Baiamonte

Abrielle and Lance’s English Tutor: Nani Miles

Undercover Policeman: Lucas Jackson

Abrielle’s Long-Lost Boyfriend: Lance Dmitriy

That’s all for now. I’m gonna talk to my brothers and sisters bout this and see what they think of it. Man, this short movie is gonna be awesome!! Smile

P.S., I now find it uncommon to see businessmen and businesswomen listening to their iPod or MP3 now and days. Gotta get relaxed and prepared for the long day ahead, you know?



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