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I Win, You Lose

So this is just a random post, per se.. my day’s just beginning.

MIS-2101 class. “Now and days, we ship from place to place.”

My thoughts: “Wait, did he just say s**t or ship?”

Why does these two words sound almost exactly alike, and almost look exactly the same? The only thing that’s different bout those two words  is the last letter, “t” and “p”. So yea, be careful how you say those two words, cause people will mistake em if your accent isn’t clear.

Anyway, yesterday I talked to my dean bout Mr. Doucebag, and guess what? If Mr. Doucebag harasses me again, then all I gotta do is tell him, and he’ll give Mr. Doucebag a restaining order (It’s acutally call a “No Contact” order. What it means is that the doucebag CANNOT speak to me, or otherwise, he’s gonna get in trouble).

Note: Mr. Doucebag is the guy who kept on bugging me to do his homework for him (His name is not gonna be mention. I’m just gonna call him Mr. Doucebag, cause he is a doucebag. Case closed) See my post “Be Assertive and Say NO!” on my other blog Sashi’s Photography for more info as to what happened to me last Thrusday. So.. let’s see what happens in Business Law class later on today. Either way it goes, in the case of me vs. Mr. Doucebag: I win, you lose.



I'm just a photographer, nerd, gamer, rebel, and fashionista who speaks in 6 and sings in 11 different languages.

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