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2 Year Difference: Barista To Assistant Manager

Hello everybody! It’s been a long while… again. I need to start writing on here more…


5 days ago, I received the news that would forever changed my career life, and thus, change my life for the better: I have been promoted…

From a retail sales associate (9 years ago)

To Barista (Nearly 2 years ago)

To now… an Assistant Store Manager.

I nearly cried so hard when I got the news, cause this was the moment that I’ve been waiting for since November 2015: I finally, finally got a full time job. Not only that, but I somehow been upgraded, to a management position. This is HUGE. I never thought I would actually get my foot inside of a management position. I promise to be the best assistant manager that I can be, for as long as I possibly can.

In other news: ACEN 2019 was the best year yet! Not only did I had fun with my twin and bffs, but I also became my mega bestie’s cosplay photographer! It was amazing, and the rave was amazing, too! I was super sad when I left that Sunday, but hey… I actually got a chance to show my 2 bffs a tour of Chinatown! 20190519_155650 *Grilled chicken Steak for me, Udon for Bri*20190519_153919*Down here at this mini food court in Chinatown… they have some very good bubble tea*20190519_155515*Taro and I believe coffee bubble tea*20190519_155526*My mega bestie Gabe got this: Strawberry bubble tea. It was really good*20190516_202409*Bri, Gabe, and I. These two actually had a blast when I took em to Chinatown for the very first time. I did too*20190518_123200*Day 2 at ACEN. Gabe was cosplaying as Static Shock, and I was his awesome cosplay photographer. It was extremely fun*20190518_18080320190518_180815*Teen Titans and Static Shock*

20190517_114645*ACEN Day 1. My twin Arielle cosplaying as a Zombie Ariel*20190517_114427*My new friend Ciera cosplaying as Spiderman*20190519_135033*Final day at ACEN; Too Sweet Cosplay Wrestling shoot. It was fun*20190517_141844*DBZ Cosplay shoot. My friend Cedes (In the Blue wig with bunny ears in the back) was cosplaying as Bulma, and Gabe (Very hidden) was cosplaying as Broly*

On a completely different note, my first day as an assistant manager (Just yesterday) was awesome! I’m really looking forward to my next day of training! As far as my current job goes… I’m sad to leave it (Mostly due to my coworkers), but… it’s time to spread my wings, and take things to the next level.

Further updates with the new job (..and pics), coming within a few days.

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Hello New Year’s 2019

2018 can go kick rocks and stay in the Devil’s Lair for all I care. I am SO glad that it’s all said and done with… despite a few amazing things that happened to me (ACEN 2018, finally reuniting with my best friend/travel bestie, traveling to downtown Chicago and Chinatown multiple times, and attending several events throughout the final few months). With that said, I decided to start 2019 right this time: Staying in a different state and celebrating the New Year’s with my travel bestie.

Yesterday, I had to work (Thankfully I got out early), so when I got out, I decided to do what I haven’t done since I went to ACEN: Stayed at a hotel. I decided to go to Indiana for once, to stay for New Year’s with my travel bestie. After we met up, we decided to stop by Steak and Shake to eat before we went to Dave and Buster’s to celebrate New Year’s.

20181231_213348.jpg*Fruit Loops shake for Alex; Birthday Cake shake for me*

After we left Steak and Shake, we went to Dave and Buster’s for some New Year’s fun!

20181231_23143620181231_235349*I decided to continue with DDR, and showed Alex my progress. I also tried two new songs (One on Standard, the other on Heavy mode, as shown above).

20190101_000123.jpgI had a total blast last night with my bff! After the New Year’s countdown, we decided to play some more until it was time to close. Afterwards, we went back to Indiana, where we decided to rest up for the morning. Overall, we had a blast. Gotta say, this is one of the best New Year’s event that I ever had thus far! Next year, we’re heading to Chinatown! We’re def gonna spend this year traveling to our hearts’ desires! So let 2019 begin!


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Chapter 29: Traveling In Downtown Chicago

After working 5 closing shifts in a row (Plus yesterday and Thanksgiving, which by the way… happy belated Thanksgiving to you all), I finally got a day off… which, by the way, I decided to end this birthday week (Last Sunday, the 18th, was my birthday (29 years old… jeez)… and yes, I am officially one year away from turning 30. O_O’) with a huge bang: Traveling to Chicago (On the North side, when I got to celebrate it with my babe, Touré. It was really fun). Today, was a different story…

20181124_153111.jpg*The heart shaped mug I will explain in a little bit. Also, I thought this was a nice, random pic I took*

Today, Alex and I decided to meet up downtown, to go through this event that they have there, called Chriskindlmarket (Yes, that’s one word).

20181124_142705.jpgThey actually have it in a few locations, however…, we decided to go to the one downtown, cause A. He’s actually been going there for 5 years (This was my first time there), and B. It’s downtown Chicago, ya know. It’s our favorite place to go and visit. I will explain about this market more, but first, let me go back a bit… to my roots.

20181124_123927.jpgAfter finding out that NONE of the train stations in and around Joliet goes to Van Buren Street and Millennium Station (Boo… wtsf! -_-), I decided to go back to my childhood area that I used to pass and visit by: Harvey. I thought for sure it would take me 50+ mins to get to the train station, but.. it only took me 40. Thanks Google Maps…!

20181124_124321*Ah… the old sign. Hasn’t changed a bit, despite it fading away.. and slowly being destroyed*.

20181124_12434420181124_12440720181124_124454*Well… I’ll have to keep that in mind, the next time I decide to take this train station to Van Buren…*

20181124_12463420181124_12481520181124_12482320181124_125027*Even though I never use 10 day passes (That will change once I get my own place next year), I’ll also keep that in mind.*20181124_125117*Raised near Sibley Blvd. in Calumet City, almost my whole life…, until several months ago…, that street will never fade, no matter how old I get.*

Nothing much has changed, except for the new pay parking machine, and possibly the new pay phone inside the station. After looking around, regaining my memories and looking around to see if anything has changed since the last time I been here (More than a year, actually), it was time to get on the train.

20181124_13095420181124_13110020181124_131507*If you’re like me, and get really bored on the train, music really helps with the train ride when you’re by yourself. Also, I was really jamming to this and a few other songs along the way. Good ol German Afro hip hop.*20181124_131520*While riding the train to downtown, I noticed that there were almost no cars on the road in certain spots on the South side of Chicago.*20181124_13225720181124_133507*..and here we are, in the Loop!*

While I was waiting for Alex to arrive, I decided to take a sneak peek at the German Christmas market. It nearly took my breath away.. it was huge, and festive! They had German food, hot chocolate, gifts, spiced wine, bier (That’s German for beer), hot apple cider, and more! When we finally met up (I was really filled with a lot of excitement, cause of two things: A. I finally got to see my travel bff again and B. German gifts, food, drinks, and other gifts from around the world and here, in Illinois!! Also, it was the perfect time to practice my German, too), we decided to go in and check out Chriskindlmarket 2018!!


^ These are the pics I took before I caught up with my travel bff, by the way.

20181124_145928*Those cashews were really good.*20181124_150505*Little souvenir cups. They’re so tiny and cuute!* 20181124_150545*Hot coco in this little heart shaped mug*20181124_15081020181124_15081420181124_15083020181124_15114420181124_15212320181124_152415*Alex ended up getting hot spiced wine.. and look, he got the same mug as I do! We’re so alike!*

After we ended up getting stuck in the crowd at the market (NO JOKE… it was so crowded, that no one could even move during certain areas of the market), we decided to go to this restaurant downtown, where they have all you can eat stir fry.



They have really good food there! Will def go back there again!20181124_163231

Now what would our trip be without… BUBBLE TEA!!! Welcome to Vivi Bubble Tea!

20181124_163300*I’ve never heard of 3Q Milk Tea until I came here. I’ll have to try it next time Alex and I go here*

20181124_16331020181124_16331520181124_163338*Macaroons!! This place really reminds me of a cute Japanese restaurant. I actually love it!*20181124_163804*Taro for me (I’m in love with the Taro, lolol), Matcha for Alex.*

20181124_163921*Ending my birthday week with my travel bff (…Are we matching again?? Omg, who would’ve thought! Heeeey!!). All in all, I had a total blast! A trip to downtown was exactly what I needed.. as a stress reliever, and a childhood dream come true. :)*

We’ll be heading back to the Chriskindlmarket real soon, before it ends on Christmas Eve. Until then… we’ll be back, downtown Chicago!

*Alex and Sasha*

20181124_182645*Yea, I don’t look like I’m 29…, but hey, I’m gonna make my goals and dream a reality. So far.. I made one of my childhood dreams come true. The rest will fall through. 2019, here I come.*

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Chinatown Revisited

It’s been months, hasn’t it? Major update before I begin on what is the most amazing day that I ever had in 2018 thus far (Aside from last Sunday):

20181006_115456*My eyes were indeed open when I took this..*

  • I am now the employee of the month at my job. Not only that, but it has been officially over a year since I started working at Target Starbucks. It has been some ups and downs, but it was worth it, overall.
  • Still trying to get out on my own… I’ll make it on my own, someday soon, hopefully before the year is out, or before the start of next Spring.
  • The main reason why I haven’t been on here for months, is cause I’ve been dealing with my own anxiety and depression. Some days I’ve been doing well, but other days… it’s a struggle. As of recently, I learned that traveling really soothes and takes my stresses and anxieties away. Also, music helps, as well.
  • I’ll try to get more posts in on all three of my blogs, as much as I can per week. If I can’t, then my anxieties and/or depression might’ve gotten to me, and I will need to take some time to recharge.

Anyway, enough bout that..

Two days ago, I met up with my best friend, whom I haven’t seen since college! We decided to hang out in Chinatown for the very first time (2nd time in months for me, since Matt and I went there during the Chinese New Year celebration. Possibly a while since he went there)!

20181009_133803*Alex and I. We somehow decided to dress up in the same colors unexpectedly. Great minds think alike!*

20181009_144846*Matcha Thai rolled ice cream*20181009_144621*Panda Panda Thai rolled ice cream*20181009_144144

This ice cream place that we went to was amazing! I never tried Thai rolled ice cream before (Let along MATCHA ice cream), but let’s just say.. I loved it! Highly recommend this place!

20181009_153442.jpgThe next stop that we went to was this clothing shop. I always wanted one of these Chinese dresses, so I had to try one on! Now I know which size I am, so I can finally buy one next month!

The next stop that we checked out was this restaurant called Triple Crown. The food was really good (..and I got a chance to teach Alex some Chinese, as well! It’s going well.. he also taught me some German, too)


After that was over, we decided to go to see Hell Fest. The movie was really good.. a few jump scares, but still really good! Chinatown will be the start of our travel adventures together. 😀 We ended up being silly, dancing and singing again, like old times.

20181009_190453.jpg*A shot of the South Loop from the Roosevelt Theater rooftop*

After the movie ended, we decided to walk back to the red line to Chinatown. Before we left, we decided to try out Bubble Tea

20181009_200210*Taro Bubble Tea*20181009_200214*Sea Salt Bubble Tea*

This was my very first time trying out Bubble Tea.. and I gotta say: It’s very tasty! Next time Alex and I (..or whoever I go with) head to Chinatown, we’re getting some Bubble Tea til our stomachs can’t take it anymore!


Before we left Chinatown, we came across this sign. The grammar was so bad, we almost laugh so loudly.. we decided to walk away, while… kinda holding our laughter in until we almost left the main entrance. Gotta say, Tuesday was the best day ever for the both of us. One place down, many more to come!


Until next time, Chinatown!

–Sasha and Alex ^c^

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ACEN 2018: Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my amazing adventures at ACEN (Anime Central):

20180519_121720Day 2 with my other little bro Shawn, and awesome buddy Val




20180519_135105Team Rocket member

20180519_135451Met a few friends on that day, like this guy, Gabe. 🙂 He’s an artist, so if you want to check out his drawings, then you can go on Facebook (Destiny Designs), and check it out! His artwork is really awesome, by the way!

20180519_140121Invader Zim!

20180519_140244Cuphead… what a good, but very hard game.


20180519_140704Adventure Time!

20180519_141303More Deadpool cosplayers, lol!

20180519_141324I tried one of these.. I sucked so bad at playing em, but it was fun.


20180519_141909That mask reminds me of Askua’s mask.

20180519_141913Nick and Touré brought a pair of these.

20180519_143919Zero Suit Samus!! 😀

20180519_144032The absolute most cutest cosplay I ever seen: Jessie, James, and their Pikachu!


20180519_144228Steven Universe (Eeek!!): Pearl


20180519_145038..and Rose Quartz!

20180519_152133My darling and I



20180519_160711DBZ (Above) and DB Super!!

20180519_162757While Nick and Touré went to Gamestop (They actually walked a hour to the nearest one), and while Josh was at a panel, I decided to head back to the hotel to check out the pool, and the Jacuzzi. It was fun, nonetheless. Next year, I’m def bringing a swimming cap and goggles. Also, this was the first time in a long time that I wore a swimsuit.

20180519_222419Last pic of day 2: Going to the Soap Bubble rave with Nick and Touré. It was pretty fun… just wish my other little brother, Matt was with us. Also, this was my rave outfit that I wore. Next year, I’m going all out during both raves!

Part 3 will be coming… soon. Hopefully by next week, since I’ll be working the next few days.

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ACEN 2018: Day 1

I’m not dead.. I’m very much still alive. I’ve been working my arse off these past several weeks.. that, and preparing for ACEN this past weekend. I gotta say, this ACEN has been the best year yet (Despite my other little brother not being here, due to him catching the flu). Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year! I’ll be breaking it to 3 parts, cause of the many, many pictures that I took this past weekend. Plus, you’ll get to see my very first cosplay!



20180518_110057Caterpie cosplay

20180518_110843Mei cosplay

20180518_112543Tons and tons of regular and Japanese consoles and games!!

20180518_112838Deadpool cosplay

20180518_120540My buddy Andrew and I. He was cosplaying as Casey Jones


20180518_122218Wakanda forever!!

20180518_122235My little bro Josh in his Android 17 cosplay

20180518_124146I met up with my buddies, brother, and sister that day as well

20180518_111734I also ran into my old high school buddy as well!

20180518_124518My buddy Damarco and I

20180518_125004Metapod cosplay, lol

20180518_130437Goku cosplay. Can’t get any more awesome than that!

20180518_132030Skull Kid cosplay

20180518_142256Our new friends Kat (Trunks cosplay), and Brittany (Piccolo cosplay)

20180518_140847 Bulma and Trunks cosplay. This was taken during a DragonBall photoshoot that Josh and I went to.

20180518_144340Overwatch cosplayers!! Also, the cake is a lie!!

20180518_164734(1)My very first cosplay that I successfully did: Enid from OK K.O.: Let’s Be Heroes. I actually gotten several photos taken from different people and made new friends over this weekend! It’s just one thing that I still kinda wonder though: Is this what cosplaying actually feels like…?

20180518_194854Josh and I. After day one of the convention was over, Touré, Nick, Josh, and I went back to our hotel rooms, and went to Dave and Busters for dinner.

20180518_202629This drink (Non-alcoholic, by the way) was pretty good. It tastes like a grape freeze pop.. and the gummy worms made it even better!

20180518_203333Me, Touré, Josh, and Nick (In his Deadpool shirt). We had a blast this whole weekend.

20180518_203517The manager gave us even more gummies! Thank you, kind sir!!


20180518_225926End of day 1. There was a rave that happened that night, but we decided not to go, since we were too tired from walking to and from Dave and Busters, so we decided to go tomorrow night. We slept peacefully through the night (Although the vent kept on making this loud noise that kinda kept all 4 of us awake (Along with Touré’s alarm going off…  grr. Covering it underneath you does not help at all, Kodzo, lol!!). Day 2 will be either tomorrow or Friday.. depending on which day I have enough time to do this post on.

By the way, I HIGHLY recommend staying at the DoubleTree Hotel if you’re staying in Rosemont. If I could, I would give it 50/10 stars.

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Massive Anxiety and Homesickness: The Ultimate Turning Point

*Written yesterday morning, starting at nearly 3 a.m.*

A few weeks ago, I had to abruptly say goodbye to Calumet City for good. I won’t go into details on what happened, but let’s just say that it wasn’t how I planned on leaving that suburb.., especially not with Touré, Matt, and Nick. Now, I’m living with family until October or November. If I have to stay longer than that…, then I am gonna go emotionally insane.. to the point of going back into massive depression (Better way to put it then what I was REALLY possibly gonna say).

There are times (Even though this very moment at 3 in the morning… I really need to go back to sleep, but my mind is really scrambled, and I’m crying my eyes out at the moment, due to being homesick out of the blue, and of course.. those freakin OHKO (Abbreviation for One-Hit KO. Fissure, Horn Drill, and Guillotine) moves in Gen 1 Pokémon… ;_; darn childhood fear) where I become really homesick as of lately, and it’s been making me very upset and causing HUGE anxiety. I’m really trying to get past this.. I really am, but it’s hard. Anyway…

These past few weeks have been really emotional and anxiety inducing. I just wanna thank Touré and Matt for helping me deal with this hard time, while at the same time, working on the ultimate plan for the 4 of us. With that said…

To Matt, my little brother: I don’t want you to worry about me, just cause I’ve been dealing with my anxiety all by myself as of lately. I’ve been dealing with it ever since I was a little kid, and now since I actually found other people who suffer from it (Including you) and is actually helping me cope and get through this destructive time (I call it destructive, cause at any moment, I can and will end up with a massive emotional breakdown, and trust me…, you do NOT want to be around me when that happens. If you can find a way to calm me down during that time (A hug or anything (That goes for you to, Nick and Touré!!)…, then by all means, do it). I just want to thank you for all of your help. Please bare with me as you continue to help, care, and support me, and as I do my hardest to recover and get out of my anxiety induced madness of my life. Just like you promise me that things will get better, here’s what I have to say to you: I know you’ve been dealing with a lot, but I promise you, it will get better.

October and November will be worth it.., we just gotta continue to hang on as much as we can. Love you little brother. I’ll continue to do my best to rest and take deep breaths for whenever I feel like anxiety is starting to get to me. It won’t be easy, but I will get and become better at it. I’ll always and will continue to help, care, and support you as well, cause you’re my baby brother, and just like with Touré and Nick, I’ll always be there for you.



To Touré, my soulmate: Things will get better for the both of us. Continue to do your best at work, and your streaming, and you’ll get to your dreams in no time . Even though I’m dealing with the worst of it all (Anxiety included almost the past three weeks), I’m not gonna stop with the ultimate plan. This setback won’t stop me. I refuse to let it stop me, at all cost.

I’m slowly starting to get back to my old set, but it will take some months to fully get back there. Even after October and November, it might take me some months to get back to my old self, if not, an entirely different me. Just like with Matt and Nick, I won’t give up on them or you with becoming stronger.

We all got this, no matter what. We all gotta stick together through this horrid time, no matter what it takes. Even after that’s over, we’ll continue to look out for each other, cause you know why? We’re family. Love you babe… continue to stay strong.



To Nick, my other little brother: I know you’re trying your hardest to get where you want to be, but you’ll get through this. The four of us will do so. Keep continuing to push through this hard time, and with your streaming, and I promise you (Just like I told Matt and Touré), things will get better. I’m starting to slowly dig my way out of my anxiety induced madness, and even though it’s hard right now to get out of it, I won’t stop until I have gotten myself out of it. I’ll get better within time… I promise. Love you little bro. Stay strong. I’ll do the same…

Not only for you, Touré, and Matt…,

…but for myself.



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Being Familiar In A New Suburb

Being in a new area (Whether it is a new city, suburb, state, country, or rural area) can really give you a culture shock. Me… I kinda got lucky, cause I know relatives that live in the area where I work at, so it’s not really a total loss. Getting familiar with new people can really stress you out at times.

This is only temporary, however. Once I move into a new city within the year, then it’ll be a culture shock syndrome for me.. kinda, if I have been in the area before.

The sad part about moving into a new area is that you’ll have to leave all of your friends behind, if they haven’t move to another area, at this point. It’s sad, and heartbreaking, but hey.. at least making new friends is fun, right? Maybe.. it depends on who you are, and what kind of interest you have. Still, it’s fun to get into new areas and explore the world around you, cause you only have one life. Why not use it to explore a different area, city, or perhaps a new state or country? It’s just.. fun. Go out, have fun with your new friends, and just enjoy life while you still can.

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Crazy 2018 Update: Deaths, Parades, and More

20180225_203736*A few weeks ago…  it was the best day of our lives, despite Matt having a family emergency. Also, this is one of a few times you see me without my glasses.*

20180128_190131*January was awesome and saddening. Despite the death of my grandfather, my little brother Matt and I (Along with our brothers, Josh and Steve) met X-Pac!! He was very cool!*

20180219_220115*During the weekend of Black Panther last month. Wakanda forever!*

20180224_155415*Touré and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary this summer. 3 years and going strong*

Okay, first off.. I just wanna say, happy 2018… well, kinda happy 2018.. for me, it is. Also, happy belated Chinese New Year (The year of the dog!). My little brother and I went to check out the festival in Chinatown (We’re going there more often!). I’m kinda excited about what 2018 has in store for me, my baby, and my brothers. At the same time, however… I really don’t wanna think about it. Without further ado, here’s what has been going on ever since my last blog post (Which has been a long time, so sorry for the very long update. Been extremely busy with work and other family matters, of course).

January: What started out as a very good month (With me, Josh, Matt, Lawrence, and Steve going to Duffy’s to see Royal Rumble and to meet X-Pac), turned out to become very tragic. On January 18th, I found out that my grandfather passed away, due to cardiac arrest. It was a shocking blow to the family. I tried to become strong (Mostly succeeded, but kinda stumbled back at times. Touré  and Matt (..and my family at my job and church) helped me get through it. Thanks guys!!), but hey… I done it. Also, this month has helped me become closer to my little brother, Matt. Our bond has been strong before, but now.. it’s becoming a lot stronger, and I’m grateful for it.

20180128_221744*Just little ol me. I decided to have my birthday party here, since Survivor Series will be on what else? My birthday. There’s gonna be a little surprise on that day as well. Stay tuned!*

20180128_180001*Lawrence, Steve, Josh, Matt, and I*

20180128_183600*Josh, Matt, and I*

20180128_221932*Steve, Matt, and Josh*

20180128_222102*One big sibling photo—ahh, photobomb, lol!!*

February: Last month was okay, except for the fact that the gang and I went to go see Black Panther! I also got to see Touré, Nick, and one of their brothers. It was fun! Also, it was one of the best months ever thus far.. Matt and I went to go to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year parade. Even though we missed the big parade, we actually caught a little treat during the after parade. Being part Chinese, this is the most exciting day that I always end up looking forward to.

20180219_214720*Wakanda forever!!*

20180219_215240*One of 3 favorite little brothers*

20180219_215033*Little brother*


20180219_215924*People who seen the movie decided to take a pose to show their love to the movie.*



20180225_171226*Matt and I in Chinatown. It was so awesome!*

20180225_163300*The people disguised as dragons go into shops as a symbol of good luck within the year.*

20180225_163324 *Dragon dance*


20180225_163805*A shot of downtown*

20180225_164128*Gift shop*

20180225_172703*Heading out of Starbucks*


20180225_173251*Lanterns. Also, the other side of Chinatown*

20180225_173319*We’re crazy, and we love it like that!*

20180225_173415*My outfit. In China, red symbolizes good luck.*

20180225_173439*Yea, we’re totally crazy when we feel like it. When we’re not acting crazy…*

20180225_173508*We’re just your average, awesome siblings (Not related by blood, however. I wish, so, but hey… close enough. Best day ever.*

March: Already this month has been nothing, but a mix of good and bad.., but mostly bad, so far. Good: I finally got my iPod Touch! Yea, my iPod Nano got defective again, so it was time for an upgrade. It is so awesome! Bad: I’m moving into a new suburb…, but it’s not the reason that I wanted. There has been a situation that happened today (Not gonna say, due to personal issues), so for now…, I’m temporary staying in said suburb. It won’t be long though… I’ll have my own space soon. Just gotta take things one step at a time…

One step at time. Just gotta keep my faith up, and keep on moving.

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Chapter 28: Weekend Bash


Four days ago, I reached the next chapter in my life: Chapter 28. It was amazing, despite the weather being rainy and stressed out early in the day. Anyway, Saturday was my actual birthday, and to me… the most boring part was just to wait on a certain time to get my birthday dinner started (Touré being there made it less boring, but waiting for the time to pass by was just ever-so-boring!!).

Later in the afternoon, we gathered up with one of our brothers to Applebee’s. It was pretty good, but the really fun part started as soon as we left. We decided to meet up with the others at Galloping Ghost Arcade (Almost everyone didn’t show up until a little after 8, due to last minute changes).

20171118_181525I decided to go there for once, cause it was a time for a change.

20171118_182454They actually have 500+ games now, and the raised the entry fee price (Not by much, however).

20171118_182733My darling soulmate

20171118_182756My brother Darius and I

20171118_183032More classic games!!

20171118_185317They have the interactive games up and running now

20171118_185325Next time, I’ll try these games. They look pretty cool

20171118_191328Touré and I 🙂

20171118_191416Another shooter game.. I’m a huge fan of these games! I also played Deathsmiles, Nemesis, Gradius II and III.

20171118_202919This is a new game.. I can’t wait to play it next time I come here!


20171118_211300I actually played this game. It was so fun.. they actually have it in 2D and 3D. I decided to go for 3D this time.. man, was it fun!

20171118_2142593D glasses


20171118_211447Once Josh came, then the party started going crazy!! He and Touré were playing Pong.. or should I say, “Ghost Pong”!! *Thank you AVGN!!*

20171118_214122Josh and Darius playing Sailor Moon.. which I didn’t even know about it until I came round to see them play

20171118_222819The last part was a HUGE surprise: Not only did me and Touré’s sister Shirley came (One with the grey scarf, right next to me), but our other sister Stanesha (Behind me) and our brother Nick (Tallest one in the back) came as a surprise!! I was in tears (On the inside).. that made the surprise party so awesome!! I hope next year will be as awesome as this year!!

*Ahem* now onto the next day: The day after my birthday was just another usual day.. I went to church, got home, ate, and decided to wait until a few hours later to meet up with Josh and my other brother Matt for this awesome WWE Survivor Series bash in Chicago. Once we all met up, we decided to carpool and head to Lincoln Park to this bar and grill.

20171119_170138Hello Lake Shore Drive.. I’m back (Sadly not yesterday when I turned 28, but still.. I’ll accept it).


20171119_172547Matt, Steve, Rachel, and Josh, and I


20171119_183831If you’re wondering where we were having the party, it was at Duffy’s Bar and Grille. It was very awesome! I hope to go there again! If you ever get a chance to go to Lincoln Park, I highly recommend Duffy’s Bar and Grille. Side note: You’ll have to be 21+ to enter.

20171119_184411The food was really good!

20171119_193531Fu.. sion.. HA!! Lol DBZ reference.

Anyway, this weekend bash was just totally awesome.. better than last year’s (Although last year was pretty good as well). What will chapter 28 bring for me this and next year?

Well… we should see. For now, I’ll just enjoy it.. one day at a time.